Idology: Nicki Minaj Rules, Male Contestants Act the Fool During Season 12 Hollywood Week

Say what you want about Nicki Minaj’s opinion — and sure, sometimes it’s as crazy as her wigs — but unlike so many ineffective American Idol judges of yore, there’s never any doubt about where she stands.

Nicki’s bracing honesty was never more appreciated than during the opening half of Season 12 Hollywood Week, when too many guy contestants milked their sob stories, lobbied for sympathy votes or acted like entitled buffoons in their quest to keep alive the show’s streak of five straight male winners.

On this week’s Idology, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I discuss the merits of the Lady Minaj’s contestant smackdowns, and dish the handful of vocalists who managed to impress during the solo rounds. (If you need hints, a couple of their names rhyme with Sick Rotting Bun, Shimmy Myth and Four-Fez Flaw.)

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