Exclusive Video: The Following's Trio Previews a Big Twist in an Already Twisted Love Triangle

The cat-and-mouse game between Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll may be the core of Fox’s new hit The Following (Mondays, 9/8c), but what we can’t get enough of is the cult drama’s scene-stealing trio of acolytes — and the twisted love triangle a-brewin’ among them.

See, Emma (played by Valorie Curry) is the ringleader of Carroll’s merry band of followers, which currently consists of her boyfriend Jacob (Nico Tortorella) and his “boyfriend” Paul (Adan Canto). (Told you it was twisted!)

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Press PLAY below to watch the three actors dissect the unusual dynamic their characters share — plus get a preview of what’s next. As Tortorella teases: “When you have three sadistic, cult-serial killers living in a house together, one thing’s bound to lead to the next.”