Walking Dead Exclusive First Look: Andrea Takes On the Mob! Plus — Who’s the New Hottie?

wdIt looks as if The Walking Dead is throwing Andrea (Laurie Holden) out of the frying pan and into the fire in Sunday’s comeback episode (9/8c, AMC)!

Not only does she find herself smack in the middle of what appears to be a mob of her fellow townies, said townies are armed with everything from firearms to crowbars!

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Plus, the hour — titled “The Suicide King” — introduces (and then most likely dispatches!) a particularly sexy new walker… played with to-die-for conviction by the show’s own co-exec producer/SFX make-up supervisor Greg Nicotero!

What do you think? Is Andrea finally going to wise up and shove off? Or will she elect to stand by the Governor in the wake of her old pal Daryl’s capture? Take a peek at the pics below, then hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. majamababe says:

    Andrea is so clueless. After watching yesterday’s marathon of Season 1, I wish Dale would have just let her stay at the CDC and get blown to smithereens!

  2. Laquisha says:

    I love Andrea. She’s the only original female character who doesn’t follow the inane 1950s conduct of women staying in the kitchen and doing the laundry. I’m sure not many of the men could have survived on her own like she did.

    • Eddie says:

      Of course michonne was with her the whole time. Taking care of her….

    • A says:

      She may not follow the stereotype, but she certainly follows the stereotype that women mess everything up. Which she does. Remember when she freaked out and shot Daryl? Geez. I agree with the person above, this chick is bad news and should have been allowed to blow herself up.

      • Ice says:

        She never freaked out though. She wanted to help the guys, and shoot a walker.
        This scene only showed (or should have showed) everyone that she’s an amazing shot. Sun shining in her eyes, and she still managed to shoot Daryl in the head.
        Also, he survived, and he has forgiven her. So the rabid Daryl fans should get over this, too.

        • Alan says:

          thank you. that shot was incredible given the conditions and she didnt shoot him at point blank range, he was in the distance and shambling, its not hard to make the logical leap to “oh no a walker, must shoot it”. the question is if rick had made that shot would we still be hearing about it? most likely not since women seem to be held to a different standard on this show than the men by some fans.

    • Peter J says:

      I think Andrea is a little more talk than action. Her behavior with Shane in season 2, where she began to blindly trust him, and her behavior with the Governor this season. Each time she’s been fortunate that she hasn’t been killed by these insane men.

      Carol is someone who followed a 1950s code of conduct and then, through the circumstances of the new world, began to grow and prosper. I wish the show would let Andrea do the same.

    • Laur says:

      Maggie is awesome. Doesn’t follow the stereotype.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      People, people….let’s just agree that The Walking Dead writing staff is made up completely nerdy guys who have no idea what a real woman sounds like or acts like. Seriously, that show is ridiculous at writing female characters. Really bad. It’s my biggest complaint about the show. Hire a female writer if you don’t know how to write good female characters! Geez. It’s that simple.

      • Peter J says:

        I think the show has done a good job with some, but seem to have no idea how to write leading female characters. Maggie and Carol, who are supporting characters are just great. Lori was ill-defined, Andrea is ill-defined, Michonne…ill-defined.

  3. Alan says:

    looks like andrea is getting the chance to be as badass as she deserves, we’ve seen flashes of how cool she could be with her serious gun skills, now just take away her slightly clueless moments and its all good

  4. she’s so stupid. i used to like her until she was acting dumb in season 2 and then chose the govenor over michionne.

  5. AJ says:

    LOL! It so funny how judgmental people are on here. You really expect a person living in a ZOMBIE apocolyps to make perfect decisions? I bet if any of you went through this in real life you would be begging the Govenor to let you stay in his town with protection, food, and hot water.

  6. crazyrabbits says:

    Actually, Nicotero already appeared as a zombie in the Season 1 episode “Vatos” – he’s the zombie Jim dispatches with a baseball bat when the former attacks Amy.

  7. D says:

    I promise not to say anything spoilery. Thus far, Andrea in the graphic novels is a much different character than how she is portrayed on the show. I prefer the graphic novel version of her.

  8. Jacqueline R says:

    Well it is a television show after all. I personally enjoy it. I do think that they write the female characters just like most of Hollywood has been doing for the last fifty years at least. Women are not all stupid just as all men are not the hero nor that brave. To think otherwise is ludicrous. If you do not like the show then do not watch it. It is pretty simple.

    Complaining about how the women are portrayed perhaps stop spending money on the movies that perpetuate this idea. Walk away from the theaters and write to executives and ask them to stop writing women as forever needing help and of being dim witted.

    The lady with the swords and the farmers daughter are the only two good female characters in this whole series.But I do enjoy this series and will keep watching it.

  9. Kurt W says:

    All this analyzing. The women want G.I.Jane and the men want a super model…….. I think the writers are doing a fine job of letting the characters evolve based on the circumstances they are dealing with. If they didn`t use a little sterotyping there really wouldn`t be much of a story? As a guy I can tell you it`s frustrating to watch when the male characters keep splitting up only to lose one or two of them every two or three episodes. When In reality, for safety we would probably stick together in groups traveling in large vehicles to avoid having loses but, then the show would be boring! Besides, Andrea is a blonde.(Sorry ladies,I just couldn`t resist;o!!!) Much Respect!!!

  10. Monica says:

    Are you SERIOUS?????? She is the only female character not fitting the mold of traditional 1950’s housewives??????? Have you completely missed the fact that she is acting like a clueless naive “follow your man anywhere” mold????? Yes she has survived where many would not have but she was NEVER alone she has always been taken care of by one of the many members she followed, and if it wasnt for Michone taking care of her while she was bordering death she would not have made it. And where is the loyalty to her family that kept her alive through out seasons 1 and 2? NOT to mention where is the loyalty to Michone, for not only caring for her and keeping her alive, but to the fact that when the governor tried to kill her she STILL didn’t leave until she tried her best to take Andrea with her!!!!!! Yeah this girl needs to get her head out of the governor’s a** and get a clue!!!!!!!!