Office First Look: Andy's Back, and It's Awkward - Plus: Finally a Happy Moment for Jim and Pam!

Hurricane Andy is about to blow back into The Office — and based on the following sneak peek pics, Erin is none too happy about it.

The below photos — from both “Couples Discount” (airing Feb. 7, NBC) and “Moving On” (Feb. 14) — depict the not-so-triumphant return of Ed Helms’ MIA Dunder Mifflin boss. While the rest of the gang seems happy enough with Andy’s homecoming, his gal pal Erin looks almost as uncomfortable as her new crush Pete.

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Elsewhere in the shots, Jim and Pam (finally) share a happy moment — smiles and all — when she turns up in Philly for a job interview. (Sob!)

Scroll through the images below, then hit the comments!

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