Video: Keri Russell Opens Up About That Felicity Haircut, Her Frantic Call to Scott Speedman, and Star Wars Hopes; Plus -- Americans Spoilers!

Keri Russell Haircut Felicity It’s my guest in this bonus episode of Spoiler Alert! that puts the special in “special edition”: Dame Keri Russell, the ass-kicking leading lady from FX’s hot new Cold War drama, The Americans, my former Felicity co-star and (potentially) a key member of the Star Wars VII cast!

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Over the course of eight magical minutes, the Golden Globe winner not only explains why she considers herself to be “the most boring” of her new series’ ensemble, she also reveals which blue showbiz legends she hopes will eventually guest on the show. She also fesses up about why she looks back at her days as Felicity “angrily,” recalls how former leading man Scott Speedman recently talked her down off the ledge, and yes, there might be some chatter about the likelihood of her reteaming with J.J. Abrams on a certain surefire movie blockbuster.

So no more dillydallying: Press PLAY below, then hit the comments!

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