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NATHAN FILLION, STANA KATICWhy is Castle convinced he’s gonna croak? What’s next for New Girl‘s new romance? What will make Scandal go “Boom”? What guy has Bones on edge? For whom will Vampire Caroline risk her life? Get answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Scandal | It’s seldom that I get to tout something as being dynamite, and yet this is — because, well, it’s about the Feb. 21 episode, “Boom Goes the Dynamite.” What does that provocative phrase possibly refer to? As with many of the sophomore drama’s titles, “It’s a line of dialogue, from Harrison [Columbus Short],” Shonda Rhimes explains. “It refers to one of the cases they are working on. But it also [refers] to things blowing up for our characters in ways that are unexpected.” (Sorry ’bout that, Lindsay Dwyer. Too soon?)

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Castle | Glee will meet Aiyeeee! when Romy Rosemont (aka Finn’s mom Romy_Rosemonton Fox’s musical comedy, right) guest-stars in Episode 17 as Nurse Lockhart, a syrupy sweet caretaker at a mental asylum. What brings the ABC series to such a hospital? Well, when a young woman appears to have literally been scared to death after watching a “haunted” DVD, Kate and Rick delve into one of their creepiest cases yet. In fact, this particular mystery finds Castle fearing his own date with the Reaper, after he accidentally watches the “cursed” video!

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New Girl | What’s the saying – “Be careful what you wish for”? Because though Nick and Jess properly locked lips in this week’s episode, many obstacles will litter their path to pursuing anything more. One such hurdle, in fact, will come in the form of Shane, a comely coworker of Nick’s at the bar (and also the boss’ daughter). Though Nick’s new gung-ho attitude at work will further stoke Jess’ interest in her roomie, that fire will be tempered some when she catches sight of his flirty, feisty colleague.

White Collar | Now that Peter has lost his boss to skeevy Senator Pratt’s machinations, it’s decision time for the stand-up G-man. “The best thing Peter can do for Neal and for ‘truth and justice’ is to take that gray area that Neal is so fond of pulling him into and really embrace it,” says series boss Jeff Eastin. To that end, Peter puts the following choice before Diana and Jones: “Do you want to risk your careers and come with me, or do you stay on the other side? For Diana, it’s a pretty simple thing — she’s going to stick with Peter,” Eastin previews. “But for Jones it’s a little more complicated. He can sneak off with Peter on the weekends, but he’s a loyal follower on the FBI side during the week.”

And now, diving into the Inside Line reader mailbag….

Could I get some scoop on The Vampire Diaries‘ Caroline Forbes? Possibly about Klaroline or Steroline? –Amy
Amy, I found you something behind Curtain A. Or, more accurately, show boss Julie Plec did. “Caroline will find herself stuck in the middle of the terrible tensions between Klaus and Tyler,” Plec says in response to your query, “leading her to put her own life on the line to try to resolve their issue.”

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Did you get any more interesting Booth and Brennan teases/spoilers at the Fox TCA party? –Elena
You could say this one Bones tease will have B&B in a… lather. “In one of the upcoming episodes, a body is found in soap! A big thing of soap,” Emily Deschanel shared. “The body decomposes and the fat, combined with other things, becomes soap.” Oh, and here’s the latest scoop on a new guy who will ‘rouse Brennan’s interests… in a way. New squintern Oliver Wells (played by Brian Klugman) arrives on the scene just a few credits shy of obtaining his fifth degree, and as such, “He actually makes Brennan nervous — he’s that smart,” Tamara Taylor told me. “And I think he’ll be around for a while, because he’s very fun.”

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Since NCIS has been exploring Tony’s childhood and his relationship with his father, is there any shot we might meet any of Tony’s numerous step-mothers in the near future? – Burke
“I don’t have anything like that planned for the moment,” showrunner Gary Glasberg answers. “But that’s a good question. That might be fun. Maybe we’ll save that for Season 11!” (Look at him getting all assumptive-y about renewal. See what 22 million viewers will do to a guy?)

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