Exclusive First Look: AMC's New Reality Series Freakshow Presents a New 'New Normal'

Freakshow AMC BriannaEven if AMC’s new reality series, Freakshow, wasn’t premiering on Valentine’s Day (at 9:30/8:30c), chances are, you’d still fall in love with “characters” like Brianna.

Since joining Todd Ray’s Venice Beach troupe of oddballs, the tatted-up world record-holder for sword-swallowing has known “family” for the first time, she says. And — as an added bonus — she doesn’t “even use the world normal anymore.”

Sounds… different, right? Well, it is. But check out this exclusive first look below, and see if you don’t agree: There’s nothing wrong with different. And, in fact, it just might be all kinds of right.

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