Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Walking Dead, Grey's, Scandal, Big Bang, Nashville, Bones and More!

DAN BUCATINSKY (OBSCURED), JEFF PERRYQuestion: Thanks for all the Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal scoop this week? Did Shonda Rhimes happen to give you an airdate for that James/Cyrus scene that she described as one of the favorite scenes she’s ever written? —Stacy
Ausiello: Not only did she give me airdate (Thursday, Feb. 7) for the scene, but she told me what happens in it! “It is the culmination of what we’ve been watching them go through this whole season,” Rhimes revealed. “James has wanted a baby, James has been following this case and figuring out what Cyrus has been up too. It’s really James’ confrontation of Cyrus. And it [takes place over] an entire act.” Wait — there’s more! “And there is some very intriguing nudity involved,” Rhimes adds. “And it literally is my favorite thing I’ve done ever.” I guess I’ll watch it.

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Question: I’m kind of loving Jo/Alex on Grey’s Anatomy, but I think it’s time they stop being polite and start getting it on. She bought him a couch for chrissakes!  —Carrie
Ausiello: I’m right there with you, Carrie! It’s Shonda Rhimes that remains on the fence. Elaborarting on what she told me about the pair earlier in the week, Rhimes says, “I don’t know that you will see one of them cross the line. I’ve been watching this thing build. And I feel like we want the build to feel natural and real and not to have it go too fast. And not to feel engineered. I’m just watching their chemistry and enjoying them together. Right now, we’re just leaning into it and seeing where it goes.”

Question: Please tell me more about the next episode of Nashville. I’ll take anything you want to share about it. —Angel
Ausiello: I suspect this probably pertains to the next next next next next next episode, but I’m hearing something bad happens on the “Red Lips White Lies” tour. Like major-accident-with-numerous-casualties bad.

Question: Love your columns! Any scoop on Spartacus: War of the Damned? —Rich
Ausiello: The Feb. 22 episode is not for the faint of heart — and that’s saying something for a show that featured a bunch of children eating raw horse intestines. “For a long time [the show] shied away from the cruelty and the negativity of the rebellion,” notes leading man Liam McIntyre of Spartacus & Co. “And in Episode 4 that really gets put front and center. It gets real dark. The rebels were famous for not just being like Robin Hood-and-his-merry men, but also for raping and pillaging across the country. That component had to be addressed. It’s reprisal time, and it gets graphic and horrible to watch.” And yes, Spartacus gets his hands dirty, too. “There’s a scene at the end of the episode where he’s forced to make a very big call,” reveals McIntyre. “And it defines how his journey plays out the rest of the season.”

Question: I’m loving Once Upon a Time this season, but will we ever see Sidney Glass (Giancarlo Esposito) again? He’s been locked in that underground cell for months! —Dan R.
Ausiello: The man you seeketh — Esposito, not Glass — is a wee bit busy these days as a series regular on Revolution. (Don’t feel too embarrassed for forgetting — NBC’s blackout hit has been hibernating since Nov. 26 and won’t return till March.) I do, however, have some consolation Once scoop for you. Producers are casting a role enigmatically known as The Healer. He’s described as being an Asian male in his late 50s or 60s, a powerful and revered figure known for helping folks in terrible trouble. As you might expect from this mystical type of character, he’s known to fancy a flowery turn of phrase, and doleth out cryptic descriptions does he. (See what I did there?) Deep down, though, The Healer is deeply moral, he knows right from wrong and understands that his great powers come with great responsibilities. Now we’ll just have to see if one of those responsibilities will be helping Mulan revive the cursed Phillip when this healer pops up in Episode 18.

jartQuestion: Hart of Dixie spoilers are so rare! Please tell us something! —Audrey
Ausiello: Why, yes, Audrey, you did sense a little sparkage between Lavon and Annabeth last week — and they will act on it in the not-too-distant future.

Question: Do you have any scoop on when Castiel might be back on Supernatural? —Julia
Ausiello: Soon. “[Cas] is really crucial to the tablet stories,” says exec producer Bob Singer. “He’s going through a trail of his own that’s personal. Naomi’s very unhappy with him. Crawley’s very unhappy with him. He’s a confused angel right now.”

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Question: Any scoop on The New Normal? Crossing my fingers for good news on a second season. —2 Red Pandas 
Ausiello: Ask Ausiello: Now popular with pandas! Moving on, here’s some verrrrry innnnteresting casting scoop: Producers are looking to fill the role of [SPOILERS]’s 16-year-old son? (Wait! I’m one episode behind on my DVR, but did we know [SPOILER] already had a kid?) Either way, the kid is described as 16, attractive and not unexpectedly filled with raging hormones.

Question: I’ve been absolutely loving White Collar this season! Have any interesting scoop? – Leslie
Ausiello: TV’s Man in Black, Titus Welliver, kicks off his arc tonight and he’s got plenty of reason to want Peter and Neal out of the picture. Permanently. See, that evidence Ellen left behind is capable of doing more than just clear Neal’s dad, James. “She discovered a lot of corruption within the police force and some of that will go to prove that [James is] innocent, but a lot of it will go to potentially be very damaging to Titus’s senator character, and a lot of [other] people in high keriplaces,” previews creator Jeff Eastin. And these powerful bad guys will “stop at nothing” to get the damning material. “They’ll kill off [anyone], they’ll kill Peter. It doesn’t matter who they kill to get to it.”

Question: I am so excited for FX’s The Americans. Got a tease or two? —Amy
Ausiello: Keri Russell kicks ass. And talks Russian. And wears Jordache jeans. She’s also dropping by my office Wednesday for an on-camera interview to discuss, among other things, why the Season 4 Felicity scene pictured above remains one of the high points of her career.

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