Exclusive 30 Rock Video: Did Tina Fey Ever Go to There? Your Very Last Burning Qs Answered!

Blerg. Writing our very last 30 Rock preview piece has us feeling the way Liz Lemon felt here, here and even here — but the show must go on!

In honor of the comedy’s upcoming series finale (Thursday, 8/7c), NBC has unveiled the last two installments of Ask Tina, an ongoing NBC.com feature in which Tina Fey answers fan questions — and TVLine exclusively has obtained them.

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Whether it’s “Top Chef or Cake Boss?,” “Why does it have to end? Why?” or “Did you go to there?,” Fey’s got a witty retort and sometimes even a surprisingly moving response for longtime 30 Rock lovers.

Press PLAY below to watch the goodbye, then hit the comments with your thoughts.