What to Watch: 5 Web Series Worth Checking Out

Grimm Web SeriesNBC’s Grimm gives us something to grin about, renown restaurateur Bobby Flay makes being healthy look — dare we say — fun, and child phenoms make us all feel lazy. Plus, you heard it here first: Coin-flipping may determine who walks off with an Oscar next month.

Grimm Web Series | In the first episode of the four-part series, Bud (Danny Bruno), an Eisbiber, stops by Rosalee’s (Bree Turner) spice shop to obtain a hair loss cure for … “a friend.” Silas Weir Mitchell also stars in this humorous little ditty that will tide fans over until the show’s March 8 NBC return.

Prodigies | This engaging and inspiring series highlights the exploits of young and talented whiz kids from around the world. In the most recent episode, Brooke Raboutou embodies the true spirt of grit. And she’s only 11 years old. She’s a rock climbing phenom, who has broken all sorts of world records while conquering some of the globe’s most challenging peaks.

Bobby Flay Fit | Behind on executing those New Year’s resolutions? Celeb chef Flay’s seven-part web series may give you just the kick in the pants you need. Episodes cover a variety of topics key to developing a healthy lifestyle, such as moderation, motivation, discipline, support and more. In the first episode we learn that it’s okay to eat pasta (all together now) in moderation.

Behind the Ballot | Behind-the-scenes film buffs will fall hard for this new series, which highlights oft-overlooked crafts categories such as production design, makeup and hair styling  film editing, sound editing, and costume design. The first panel features an interesting conversation among cinematographers Daryn Okada (Mean Girls), Theo Van de Sande (Blade) and Mandy Walker (Australia). Not only do they discuss what makes good cinematography, they also talk about their individual voting process. New episodes will unspool weekly up until Oscar night.

Here’s Why You’re Wrong About the Oscars | Another series focused on Hollywood’s biggest night, this one promises to be a lively debate about nominees who won’t win an Oscar. Participants can’t laud their own picks. Rather, they must weigh in on why a fellow pundit’s favorite won’t walk away with a statue. Are you following? The first episode explores the best director Oscar category and pits the work of David O. Russell against the work of Steven Spielberg.

What are your faves? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!