Smash Exclusive: Ellis Poised to Return!

Smash Season 2 Spoilers Ellis Returns Smash‘s serial lurker is back!

TVLine has learned exclusively that Jaime Cepero will reprise his polarizing role of Ellis, the ruthless and scheming former assistant to Tom and (later) Eileen, during the show’s upcoming second season.

But wait – the plot thickens.

New Smash showrunner Josh Safran cryptically tells TVLine that, “Ellis may return, but not necessarily in the present.”

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Hmm… so the meddling pipsqueak will appear in a flashback? Flash forward? Flash sideways world? Our money is on one of those three.

Cepero’s Ellis was among the casualties of Smash‘s big Season 2 revamp.

Thoughts/theories about the second coming of Ellis? Hit the comments. And FYI: Smash raises the curtain on its second season Tuesday, Feb. 5.

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