Was The Following Too Tidy? Did Idol Temper a Tantrum? Another Amputation?! And More TV Qs

IntersectionWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Nikita, Private Practice, American Idol and The Office!

1 | After Friday’s Nikita, we have to ask: Was there a memo sent out that every show this TV season must feature an amputation? Should the Broke Girls be extra-careful around the KitchenAid?

1.5 | Does anyone really think that, as spied in the Fringe alt-verse’s news crawl, Warner Bros. will wait until 2036 to remake Harry Potter?

2 | Did you go all “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis” when Girls‘ Jessa insinuated that all of our current economic woes can be traced back to Bill Clinton’s final act as president?

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3 | Why is Revenge‘s Aiden always dressed like a waiter at an upscale eatery? (And wouldn’t it be awesome to see that problem remedied via a shopping spree with dapper Nolan?) Also, when did cross-country flights become as easy and quick as a walk to the corner store?himym_robin300

3.5 | Once Upon a Time‘s use of the Star Wars theme for Greg’s ringtone was just a fun anachronism/perhaps nod to corporate synergy, right? Or was it planting the seed for, say, Luke Skywalker to show up as Storybrooke’s local green grocer?

4 | Enough about Beyoncé. Didn’t American Idol alum Kelly Clarkson nail it at President Obama’s second inauguration?

5 | Why is How I Met Your Mother bringing back Robin’s Season 7 wardrobe? We thought we were past the unflattering trousers and blouse.

6 | Wasn’t Switched at Birth‘s Melody unnecessarily harsh on Regina this week? And isn’t the Carlton/pilot program storyline fascinating?

7 | If Bones‘ Hodgins is cash-strapped, does that mean we’ll finally meet some of his family when he inevitably has to turn to them for money? Pretty please?

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followingwall28 | On The Following, how did the wall inside Sarah Fuller’s closet look so perfect and untouched? Did the “gay” neighbors go back and carefully fix the hidden door after they’d already left big, bloody splotches leading right up to it? And did that premiere make you want to hug your dog?

9 | Which best lived up to its “Misery Loves Company” episode title: 90210 or Pretty Little Liars?

10 | Wait, is Hart of Dixie proposing a Lavon/Annabeth romance? Are there trying to see how many coupling permutations they can make up in one season?

11 | Forging whiskey?! Is there anything that White Collar‘s Neal Caffrey can’t do?

Private Practice Series Finale Recap12 | Could the Private Practice series finale have possibly featured Addison any less, outside of the episode-opening wedding scene?

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13 | Was it strange that the Parenthood finale didn’t even mention Haddie? And we’re still wondering: Does Sarah know the whole story about what happened between Drew and Amy?

14 | When do we get the lost Supernatural episode where the boys just LARP for the whole hour? Surely, there’s enough outtakes for one.

15 | No offense at all to Arrow‘s Diggle, but can Felicity be Oliver’s new partner?

16 | Can Modern Family keep Gloria’s sister — but the original meek version who wonders where the river is to wash clothes? And on a scale of 1 to 10, how great a spoof was the Godfather-style montage?

17 | Did it strike you as odd that American Horror Story: Asylum‘s intrepid reporter Lana just kind of went with the notion of Kit disappearing into the ether?

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nashville 30018 | How amazing did Connie Britton look, rocking out at the start of Wednesday’s Nashville? But who else is bummed that Liam appears to be gone before ever hooking up with Rayna? And given the fact that he’s already livid with Rayna for what’s happened in the past, how terrible will it get when(ever) Deacon learns he’s the father of her older daughter?

19 | Isn’t it strange that the original reporting on American Idol‘s Nicki-Mariah Smackdown in Charlotte never mentioned that half of Minaj’s anger was aimed at Randy Jackson? Then again, considering that Idol only showed an edited take on the dust-up, how much of the whole truth do you think producers are concealing from public view?

20 | Which Last Resort lady did you end up liking most: kick-ass Grace, stealthy Sophie or crafty Kylie?

21 | Not to nitpick Glee‘s “Sadie Hawkins” episode to death, but is there a school anywhere in America where Tina and Sugar wouldn’t be considered among the “hot” girls?

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22 | Did The Office‘s docu crew reveal live up to the hype? Were you surprised by Chris Diamantopoulos’ stealth casting? Lastly, were you more upset by that awful (and awfully real) fight between Jim and Pam than they were? Because we sure were.

30rock27523 | How fitting is it that Liz Lemon’s newly-adopted 30 Rock tots are a pint-sized Tracy and Jenna? She’s got parenting those two down pat! And after the show ends, can another sitcom promise to pick up the slack and poke fun at NBC’s forever-expanding Today show and its drinky hosts?

24 | If you’re original 30 Rock cast member Lonny Ross, how does it feel to be one of 20 actors in a cell phone commercial airing during the show’s celebrated final run?

25 | Couldn’t Matt Damon have hijacked The Tonight Show instead? (Was NBC asking the same thing this morning?)

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

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