An Exclusive First Look at the Last Last Resort: Marcus and Sam's Final War of Words?

ABC’s Last Resort wraps its 13-episode freshman run tonight at 8/7c, and from the look of things it is every man for himself.

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In the first clip below — a TVLine exclusive — Captain Marcus Chaplin and his XO Sam Kendall reflect on the wild ride thus far, which started with the Colorado receiving sketchy orders to attack Pakistan and leading up to a thwarted Washington. D.C coup and now the very real threat of mutiny there on Sainte Marina. The tension ‘tween the two isn’t ratcheted too high, though, as they at one point find the humor in the captain’s brash act that escalated the sub’s standoff with its own country.

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The second clip, meanwhile, shows Chaplin getting whaled on by an adversary — and aboard his own ship, no less. It’s your guess which of the scenes comes first, within the submarine drama’s final hour.

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