Exclusive Office First Look: A Jealous Dwight Fears Losing Everyone to Jim's 'Stumpany'

The Office‘s Dwight Schrute has long professed to be a man with many a skill set. Unfortunately, none of them seem to contain coping mechanisms, as is demonstrated in the following exclusive first look at this Thursday’s installment (NBC, 9/8c) of the comedy.

Struggling to accept Jim’s new company, Dwight begins to act out toward his — dare we say it? — friend. “Athlead? Please,” the beet farmer mocks. “They’re too lazy to call it Athletes Lead? Jim should just call it Stumpany, for Stupid Company!”

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Of course, his feathers are only further ruffled when he learns that Darryl, too, is planning to leave Dunder Mifflin for the start-up.

Watch Dwight come undone — and vow to save his beloved paper company — below, then hit the comments!

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