Exclusive: New Girl Gets Shameless, Casts Steve Howey as Love Interest For [Spoiler]

Steve Howey New Girl Season 2Shameless barkeep Steve Howey is about to serve Zooey Deschanel’s Jess a shot of sexual tension on New Girl, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Howey has been tapped to guest star as Jax McTavish, an intense (in every sense of the word) professional football player that Winston interviews.

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The jock is later invited to Schmidt and Nick’s “Tinfinity” party — a.k.a. a bash celebrating their 10 years of living together — and it’s there that he crosses paths with (and catches the eye of) Jess.

The $1 million question: Is Jess’ current beau, Sam, also in attendance? And if not, where the hell is he?! Discuss in the comments.

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