Beauty and the Beast Preview: Vincent Reuniting With His Ex Is a 'Massive Gut-Punch' for Catherine

Beauty and the Beast SpoilersAny injuries Catherine sustained in Beauty and the Beast‘s midseason finale car accident may pale in comparison to what her heart feels when Vincent unexpectedly reunites with his onetime fiancée Alex (played by Legend of the Seeker‘s Bridget Regan).

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Speaking with TVLine at this month’s Peoples Choice Awards — where B&tB won Favorite New TV Drama — Jay Ryan said the CW freshman’s winter premiere (airing Thursday at 9/8c) presents a nightmare scenario for Vincent, who for years has labored to fly under the radar, especially when it comes to dodging those he held dear.

“It’s always been a fear of his that he is spotted on the street by someone he loves and never said goodbye to,” Ryan said, “and Alex is the No. 1 love he never wanted to see again because of the way he left, which we discover as the series progresses.”

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Ryan said that Vincent effectively left Alex at the altar when he BBblurbjoined the army and ultimately was subject to the experiments that turned him into a part-time beast. Long story, short: She was left to believe him dead — until, that is, they cross paths at the hospital where Cat is being treated and she works as a doctor.

Given that Vincent had just ventured out in public to join Catherine at her father’s wedding, coupled with many “would’ve/could’ve” thoughts she is having in the wake of cheating death, the timing for this reunion could have been better. “He’s just gotten to that place of bringing his emotions to the surface with Catherine when Alex shows up,” Ryan said. “Now he’s got to learn how to navigate between two females that he loves — or one that he loves now and one that he had feelings for in the past.”

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And how does Catherine herself react to this blast from Vincent’s romantic past? “It’s really intense for her,” Kristin Kreuk previewed for us at the PCAs. “She doesn’t trust people easily, and she has not been in love with someone probably since she was a teenager. So it’s a massive gut-punch for her.”

Watch the promo for “Seeing Red,” then read on for more:

All that said, what words of reassurance — if any? — do TV’s Beauty and Beast have for those who are patiently hoping for the titular twosome to become one?

Kreuk offered this: “Know that this story will help you to understand Vincent more deeply, and get to know the man that he was and that he is.” She then added, “It’s important for him to go through this experience.”

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