Fringe Series Finale Trailer AKA The One Where John Noble Makes You Sob Like a Baby

Fringe Series Finale SpoilersThe Fringe series finale airs this Friday, as the second episode of a two-hour event, and Walter Bishop knows what he must do to, you know, save the world.

But in addition to that, there are other thrilling steps to be taken to defeat the Observers, many of them glimpsed at in this full-on, take-no-prisoners trailer for the Fox drama’s denouement.

PHOTO | Exclusive Fringe First Look: Series Finale Poster May Leave You Speechless

You’ll spy the team preparing to infiltrate the Statue of Liberty (or what’s left of it), Broyles working a machine gun like a boss, Olivia doing whatever is necessary to Go To There, “Michael” turning the bloody tables on Windmark (ha!) and — most resonantly — a father’s impassioned speech to his son, overlaying it all as narration.

Here, watch:


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