Exclusive Fringe First Look: Series Finale Poster May Leave You Speechless

Peter, Olivia, Walter et all have some “skin in the game,” as the saying goes, when Fox’s Fringe wraps up its five-year run this Friday. And to look at this unsettling promotional poster for the two-hour finale event, they may even have skin to spare.

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In the first hour titled “Liberty” and airing Friday at 8/7c, “the Fringe team engages a desperate plan as Olivia embarks on a dangerous and otherworldly journey into the unknown,” Fox’s official synopsis reads. Then, in the second and final hour, “An Enemy of Fate,” Peter, Olivia, Walter, Astrid and Broyles “face off against the Observers in one final and extraordinary battle for the fate of mankind.” Oh, so that’s all that’s at stake.

When TVLine spoke with executive producer J.J. Abrams at the sci-fi drama’s wrap party in Vancouver, he described the finale as “highly unexpected, incredibly emotional and a fitting conclusion to the series.” Noting that it’s “an incredibly exciting thing to get to end a show appropriately” and on a planned timetable (as Abrams’ Lost did), he further hailed Fringe‘s series-ender as “beautifully done by [showrunner] Joel [Wyman] and the writers.” (You can watch the spoilery promo here.)

Fringe Series Finale

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