Downton Abbey Recap: No Way to Treat a Lady

Downton Abbey Series 3This week on Downton Abbey, it’s the wedding of the year! Well, unless you count Mary and Matthew’s nuptials. Which, um, most of you probably do. Nonetheless, (my beloved) Lady Edith at last marches down the aisle to tie the knot with older man Sir Anthony. But, this being Lady Edith’s big day, it is, of course, a big disaster. Here’s why:

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RUNAWAY BRIDEGROOM | After Robert gives Edith’s intended his grudging approval of their marriage — emphasis on the “grudging” — Sir Anthony tearfully leaves his would-be wife at the altar… you know, for her own good. (Grr!) But, while everyone is muttering about how it’s for the best, brave Edith is preparing for the worst: a lifetime of spinsterhood. (How she manages to pull herself together without so much as a bowl of ice cream, I’ll never know.)

DOWNTON JR. | Though Tom notes that the smaller property to which the Crawleys might be relocating would be considered “a fairy palace” by anyone but them, Robert is still all mopeypants about it. Cora, on the other hand, seems charmed by the notion of “Downton Place.” (Just wait till she meets the landlord, Lady Amanda Woodward!)

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WE’RE IN THE MONEY | Matthew’s insistence on not using his inheritance to save Downton Abbey becomes even more ridiculous after a letter from Reggie makes it clear that neither he nor Lavinia held his betrayal with Mary against him. Only when Mary is able to prove that Lavinia had told her father the whole (sordid) story does her thick-headed better half finally — finally! — relent.

HEALTH CLASS | After Carson discovers that Mrs. Hughes might have cancer, he blabs to Cora, who, in turn, reassures the only-possibly-dying woman that, no matter what, she’ll be looked after. But it’s all much ado about nothing, because, before long, Mrs. Hughes learns that she’s cancer-free. Overhearing the good news, Carson is so happy, he bursts into song — a love song, no less!

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SCHEMERS AND DREAMERS | Thomas paints an even larger target on his back by starting a rumor that Mrs. O’Brien is leaving Downton Abbey. Anna counsels Daisy not to be the aggressor in her (quite-obviously-desired) relationship with Alfred. Ethel goes back to Isobel’s home for wayward women but leaves again without saying much of anything. And, while Bates thwarts an attempted set-up behind bars, his missus learns from Vera’s neighbor that the deceased was scared witless of him.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Could you believe Sir Anthony did that to Lady Edith? Were you with Matthew or Mary on the money issue? Do you think Bates might actually have killed Vera? Sound off below.