Last Resort First Look: Marcus Shares a Tragic Tale to Suss Out a Snitch

Last Resort SpoilersABC’s Last Resort resumes its run tonight at 8/7c, with the first of its three final episodes — and if this first-look clip is any indication, Captain Marcus Chaplin will draw out the mole within the Colorado‘s ranks sooner rather than later.

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As seen in this exclusive sneak peek, Chaplin — suspicious of Cortez’s loyalty (remember, she’s been in covert contact with Deputy Secretary of Defense Curry) — chills his crew member with an anecdote about the passing of his wife, and how he parlayed it into an opportunity of sorts.

The moral of his tale: “My eyes are open,” he effectively warns Cortez. I think if you look closely, you can see her quaking in her boots.

The Last Resort finale airs Thursday, Jan. 24; as previously reported, the show’s creators had enough notice to rework that 13th episode as a satisfying series ender.

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