New Spoiler Alert!: Fringe, Private Practice Series Finale Scoop! Plus -- Cougar Town's Back!

blog_spoiler_1.8.13The first thing you need to know about this week’s episode of Spoiler Alert! is that Matt Mitovich and I are not drunk.

We’re merely buzzed.

But it’s all for a good cause: We’re celebrating tonight’s triumphant return of Cougar Town (now on TBS!) with the world’s finest “Sauvignon Blanc” and a side of scoop about the show’s first five episodes (hint: cable = more dirty talk.)

And before our hangover kicks in, we also break news about the series finales of Fringe and Private Practice, we preview Once Upon a Time‘s return to Manhattan, and we answer this provocative Bones question: When will we learn more about Sweets’ childhood?

Kick back, poor yourself a drink and press PLAY below!