Castle Recap: Everybody Comes to Rick's

STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLIONThis week on Castle‘s winter premiere, three proved to be very much a crowd when Rick’s ex-wife Meredith came for a visit. But was it what the Deep-Fried Twinkie left behind — a question in Kate’s mind — that will ultimately pull a thread and unravel Caskett?

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THE CASE | Michelle Twohey, a successful divorce attorney, was the victim, and the first real break in the case came when it was discovered that Cory, her grieving beau, was actually Noah, an ex-military intel grunt hired to get close to the lady litigator. Noah’s employer was Billy Piper, a golf great (played by Jack Wagner) whose career had been tarnished years prior by accusations that he killed his wife Leanne. Michelle had stumbled upon evidence in that case, and Billy wanted to know how much she knew. Leanne, though, was actually alive — she had faked her death/framed Billy as a wife-killer to escape a scandalous divorce/get in a final jab. Michelle had discovered this, so Leanne snuck into the back of her car and killed her.

THE CASKETT | Kate staying at Rick’s because her place is being fumigated? Nice. Meredith crashing there to tend to sick Alexis? Not nice. And whether Rick should have permitted it was the recurring topic. Kate contended to Rick that she have given him “her look” when she claimed to be OK with the arrangement, while Lanie warned her gal pal that, given Rick and Mer’s history of “ex sex,” she needed to mark her territory: “This is a war, and you are losing.”

Rick goes to send Meredith packing, but she keeps interrupting him to say all the right (but wrong) things, about how nice it is that Beckett is so secure in their relationship (“She gets it!”), and how much it means to be there for Alexis in a time of need (“I’ll never forget this!”). Later, RySposito warn Rick that he threw “gasoline on fireworks” by signing off on this menage à trouble. Castle’s solution: To set him and Kate up at the Four Seasons! But Kate says that Meredith should be the one relocating. When Rick worries it’d seem heartless to shuffle her off to a hotel, Kate counters: “You just tried to send me to one! Button up, kitten — we’re going home.”

The next morning, Meredith comes downstairs in skimpy sleepwear, then manages to greet Rick with a fresh cup of a special nutmegged java that was their “thing” for after (work? pleasure?) all-nighters. At the precinct, Kate sarcastically snarks to Rick, “Why would I be upset? Because your ex is so comfortable around your home, and she knows things about you that I don’t?” Nonetheless, Kate insists she can handle the sitch — and even accepts a dinner invite from Meredith.

This, of course — and with no help from Esposito and Ryan — sends Rick into a tailspin. “Is this as bad as it seems?” he asks his buds. “Much worse,” they insist. “Deadly. Worlds colliding” George Costanza-style and all that. Kate herself taunts Rick, saying, “What are you worried about? Two women who’ve been intimate with you, comparing notes?”

“What notes…?”

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Kate and Meredith put on a cruel little show when they finally return to Rick’s. Then, in private, Beckett shares with her man, “I actually like you a bit more now…. But she never stays here again.” They fall into a long-ish kiss, only to get interrupted by work. At the end of the hour, after solving the case, they bid Meredith adieu — Alexis rushed her mom off to Paris — but not before Kate can ask the DFT why she and Rick didn’t work out.

“Being married to Rick was great, like a sweet souffle,” the redhead started. But over time, she realized he knew everything about her, while she didn’t know enough about her husband “to fill a pamphlet” — including when she would bring up Rick’s MIA dad. “It wasn’t enough for me,” she said. “Souffles are wonderful, but they always fall.” Those semi-cautionary words seemed to stick with Kate as she looked at her beau, her brow a bit wrinkled. Is the mystery writer too much of a mystery himself?

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