Castle Sneak Peeks: Meredith Cheers 'Caskett' While Rick's Pals Jeer His Juggling Act

NATHAN FILLION (OBSCURED), STANA KATIC, MOLLY QUINN, DARBY STANCHFIELDIt’s not easy being Richard Castle, as this pair of video sneak peeks from the next new episode of ABC’s Castle (airing Jan. 7) makes quite clear.

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On the one hand, you’ve got ex-wife Meredith (played by Scandal‘s Darby Stanchfield) seemingly championing your new relationship — or at least the way Beckett “gets it” and is OK with Alexis’ mother staying at your place.

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Meanwhile at the workplace, you have Ryan and Esposito seriously, seriously (yet very amusingly) questioning your decision to throw “gasoline on fireworks” by letting Meredith sleep over at the same time Kate’s crashing with you.

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Do RySposito have a point? Should Rick have sent the Deep-Fried Twinkie to a hotel? And do you get the sense from the first clip that Rick hadn’t yet broached the delicate subject with Kate?

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