Did Gossip Girl Go Too Far? Is Dexter's Deb Screwed? HIMYM's Hidden Gem? And More Qs!

fringepythonWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl and The X Factor!

1 | Did Fringe succeed in delivering something completely different with Walter’s Monty Python-esque hallucination? And did you weep for the unceremoniously dispatched Sam Weiss?

2 | How did the Degrassi: Las Vegas wedding jaunt compare to Saved By the Bell‘s nuptials in Sin City?

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3 | Why is Jason Sudeikis’ Saturday Night Live/”What’s Up With That?” running man so damn entertaining?

4 | Hey, Dexter fans — help us out with this one: How exactly can Deb ever put her badge back on after murdering her innocent boss in cold blood? And in what possible scenario does LaGuerta return to the storage container, late at night, all by her lonesome?

5 | Yeah, yeah, yeah — there’s no way an SUV carrying that volume of C4 would ever get past security at Langley. But how about this one, Homeland fans: Spilt milk elicits an outburst from Dana, but no reaction to the ex-boyfriend getting blown up…?

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6 | Gossip Girl time! Did seeing Blake Lively in that gold metallic gown pretty much make up for the nine episodes that came before it? What did you have more trouble buying — Dan as Gossip Girl or Nate as a major mayoral candidate? Who’d have thought that Rufus and Lily’s non-reunion would provide the show’s biggest heartbreak? (Did you see his sexy glasses, Lily?!) And was featuring one of Taylor Momsen’s singles in the finale simply synergy or perhaps part of some “deal” to get her back?

7 | After this week’s emotional How I Met Your Mother, has Cobie Smulders cemented her position as one of TV’s most underrated actresses?

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8 | Since iTunes Force of Nature Cassadee Pope has claimed her crown on The Voice, there’s no way the show’s producers won’t move mountains to ensure she gets a first-rate debut single released to radio (and climbing the charts) before Season 4 launches in March, right? Because at some point, doesn’t NBC’s reality singing competition need a chart-topping alumni in order to maintain its status as appointment television?

9 | Which Yuletime Happy Endings vice could you identity most with: Eggnog, unwrapping gifts or pop-and-locking with Hip-Hop Santa?

10 | Now that Don’t Trust the B… has coined the phrase in the wake of James Van Der Beek’s ballroom catastrophe, how long is it before some real-life Dancing With the Stars evictee drops “DWTS PTSD” into a post-elimination interview? Also: Can we please have more interactions between Chloe and babies in 2013? Her mewls of horror as she held one of her socialite buddies’ infants was among the show’s Top 10 funniest moments. And who else still can’t get over last week’s “missing” Dawson’s Creek scene? Did Katie Holmes time travel from the past to film that? ‘Cause that totally looked like the back of her young head!

PrivatePracticeTree11 | How did Private Practice‘s Cooper and Mason come away from the “farm fresh” Christmas tree lot with one that had a metal pole running down the middle?

12 | Were you as shocked as we were that Chumlee pulled off Pawn Stars‘ Christmas party so effortlessly? (But did he really think no one would catch on to his Secret Santa scam?)

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Miss USA 201213 | Exactly how much double-sided tape was necessary for Miss America USA to clinch her Miss Universe victory in that plunging gown?

14 | Is Sarah Shahi — and her scenes with Severide — the best thing to happen to Chicago Fire?

15 | When people wonder about the difference between The Voice and The X Factor, is there a more compelling statistic than the former show packing 13 musical performances into its entertaining, fast-paced two-hour finale, while the latter only managed seven during its slow, bloated 120-minute telecast? And let’s go there: Wasn’t The Voice‘s understated Sandy Hook tribute better than The X Factor‘s splashy affair? Also…

16 | Could anyone have ever predicted that Mario Lopez would turn out to be as irksome and amateurish as Khloe Kardashian, back when they were named X Factor co-hosts at the start of Season 2? And what are the odds the pair returns for Season 3? 100-1? 1,000-1? Maybe even slimmer?

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quentin30017 | Was there really no one in Quentin Tarantino’s life to tell him not to dress like a 15-year-old skateboarder for his appearance on The Tonight Show?

18 | What were the Project Runway All Stars judges thinking picking Ivy over Laura Kathleen? No amount of expensive fabric could save Ivy’s unflattering dress.

19 | Did Jeffrey Donovan nail it in teasing Burn Notice‘s season finale, saying it’d end with one of Michael’s “worst decisions” ever? (Or was it simply more of the plot-propelling same?) And how totally bad-ass did that one sequence make the Coast Guard look?

20 | Will The CW order a William Tell pilot next? Or maybe one about Cupid?

21 | So, what about that Jersey Shore finale?! (Just kidding; we didn’t watch.)

22 | Is the comically conspicuous switchover of so many TV characters to that “live tiles phone” starting to become distracting?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!