Video: Fringe Stars Recall the Show's Freakiest Events -- Including the 'Truly, Truly Awful' One

Fringe Freakiest EventsAcross 100 episodes, the Fringe cast has pretty much seen it all. Transparent skin. A porcupine man. Gila Monster/wasp/bat hybrids. President Millard Fillmore’s face on currency!

But which of the Fox drama’s Fringe events do they deem to be the freakiest and creepiest of them all?

TVLine posed that question to Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble, Jasika Nicole and Blair Brown, at the show’s 100th episode/wrap party. (Lance Reddick had a conflict and could not attend.) Here, accompanied by photographic evidence, the cast reveals what skeeved them out the most. Which actors cited the same episode? And which Fringe creature to this day still gives you the chills?

Fringe airs the first of its four final episodes this Friday at 9/8c, then returns Jan. 11.

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