New Spoiler Alert! Dissects the Homeland, Dexter and Gossip Finales, Sizes Up New Grey's Cast! Plus: Once Upon a Time's Hook Is In For a Shock

blog_spoiler_12.19.12_v2In this week’s Spoiler Alert! — to distract ourselves from worrying about whether we wound up on Santa’s naughty or nice list — Matt Mitovich and I evaluate some season (and midseason) finales to decide which were gifts from the TV gods… and which amounted to lumps of coal. (Spoiler alert: They were all pretty good. Even Gossip Girl‘s series finale!)

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Plus, we envision Homeland 2.0, Once Upon a Time’s Colin O’Donoghue explains Hook’s “stealthy” approach to Storybrooke, Mitovich reveals how he would’ve ended Dexter’s season capper “just to be cheap and whorish,” and — in singing the praises of the best Grey’s Anatomy episode of the year — I explain that, “If Bailey had any [pre-wedding] jitters, all she had to do was… ”

Well, click below to find out. Then, click below that to share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. smd says:

    Although I loved the Meredith and Derek scene in the hospital, as an admitted Mer/Der fan, I can think of about 50 other scenes that were more “swoon” worthy over the seasons. Agree with you on comments about Bailey and Callie. Not looking forward to Alex’s new love interest but do like Tina M.

  2. Alex says:

    Gossip Girl had a really good finale. I’m not going to pick at the reveal about Dan. It worked for me! And Dorota definitely would have been a boring answer that was very OOC–because why would Dorota even do any of that stuff? At least Dan would generally have had decent reasons. Anyway, I will miss the show.

    As for Grey’s, Alex has become a horrible character. TPTB don’t seem to have any idea of what to do with him. Meredith and Derek are still interesting, and Cristina/Owen could end up as anything. They have so much to work through. Lots of drama there. I hope Ben and Bailey get that great wedding when the show returns. Poor Adele…

    • Norah says:

      I love Alex. Actually, he’s the only reason I’m still watching. For me he’s the best character alive.

      • dude says:

        Alex was a great character around season 5 but they’ve made him way too crotchety. Is he 80? He use to have swagger. He’s not a lovable ass anymore, he’s just a grump. Once they let Katherine Heigl go, they really were at a loss for what to do with him and they’ve yet to find their way. That said, I’m loving Camilla Luddington. Even is her character is nuIzzie, I love her and she’s the only intern that’s really made an impression on me.

        • gg says:

          the guy has like 4 gf go crazy on him,a wife that got cancer and left him,then his gf stole his job and moved to africa. top it all off a intern falls for him while her baby was dieing on his watch. If anyone in TV history has a reason to be crotchety its Alex

          • Emily says:

            So true. So many people act like Alex is difficult for no reason. Dude has plenty of reasons – not just what you said, but also all of the messed up stuff that happened in his childhood. It’s a wonder he’s a fully functioning person with a steady job.

        • Lizzie=Derek's sister says:

          I strongly disagree with you and I agree with Norah. Alex was and is one of the best characters of the show. The proof that he remains a “lovable ass” like you said are all of his actions, He stayed for Arizona even after he got an offer at Johns Hopkins, he lost his boards to stay with a mother losing her child, he apologized to Arizona for not getting on the plane (even if it wasn’t his fault), he stood by her, he tried to make her feel better when she pushed him away… I could continue but I’m leaving it here. Also, Alex has reasons to be an ass and be grumpy and crotchety.
          1)Horrible childhood (abusive dad, crazy mom, foster homes, juvy )
          2)Then his brother got crazy, too and tried to kill his siter.
          3)He got shot, almost killed by Cristina, then that drug-addicted dad attacked him in S4.
          4)His ex-wife got cancer.
          5)His ex-girlfriend got crazy
          6)His other ex-girlfriend backstabbed him.
          7)Many of his friends died.
          8)Many of his friends got shot/had been in a car crash (but survived in the end)
          9)I forgot to mention that Izzie left him.
          10)He feels guilty over the fact that he should be on a plane that crashed.

          Honestly, I’m surprised that Alex is the kind of guy he is, with all these happening to him. So, he’s got his reasons for being grumpy. But he’s still lovable

          • Carrie says:

            I disagree. Alex still acts like a silly frat boy even though he looks like a middle age man. I find it hypocritical that other males on the show – non originals – are labeled as sexist, jerks but this guy gets gushed over. He once referred to Cristina as a bitch and acted like a 3 year old throwing a tantrum on more than one occasion over the years. I don’t see what the big deal is over this guy who had the gall to call an intern Princess – sexist much? We’re are the feminists?

          • Carrie says:

            Should read Where are the feminists? And I’ll add the silence is deafening.

          • Louise says:

            I agree with you. There’s a reason why the members of Television Without Pity voted Alex Karev the Most Wrongly Underused Character and the Most Redemptive Character on a Sucky Show. And to Carrie: That’s just not true. Alex is not getting gushed over. Actually it’s the exactly opposite happening. He’s one of the most misunderstood characters of the show. And what if he once referred to Cristina as a bitch? Every single person had done something wrong in Grey’s. Remember Lexie stealin’ April Kepner’s notebook? Or Addison cheating on Derek with his best friend? Or Cristina kissing Avery while she was with Owen? Or Owen cheating on Cristina? Or Izzie stealing a heart for Denny? I don’t understand why Alex is the bad guy here. Also, every person in Grey’s has act like a 3 year old. Everyone has acted immaturely more times than one. Again, Alex is the one to blame. As for the nickname Alex gave Jo Wilson (princess), is just another nickname like those Cristina gave the interns, or those every single person in GA has. Everybody has made mistakes in GA but Alex’s are the only ones going noticed. It’s really unfair.

  3. S says:

    Anyone who has ever been in a temple knows that Saul was reciting a mourner’s prayer for the dead called Kadisch. It’s fascinating to me to think of the episode from the perspective of not knowing that piece of information… would have made for quite a twist!

    • Alienate says:

      Well, 90% of America has never been in a Temple. So, we were a tad confused.

    • Holly says:

      I’ll admit I thought Saul was speaking Arabic and I knew jt wasn’t right but it didn’t register. Wasn’t until I read comments later that I had my duh moment. It still doesn’t mean Saul isn’t the mole to me but it’s definitely now a convenient way for Carrie to get her job back next season. Saul is in charge for the time being.

      • ben says:

        No, but Beirut pretty much does mean that Saul is not the mole, surely. Watch the Beirut episodes back, they really leave no room for Saul and Nazir to be in cahoots.

    • I’ve never been to Temple. I am not Jewish, nor am I Muslim for that matter. Even I can hear the difference between Hebrew and Arabic…years of TV, movies, and listening! It blows me away (pun unintended) that people jumped to the conclusion that Saul was speaking Arabic. The cadence and intonations are completely different. *slaps head*

  4. intelliwoman says:

    Its Kaddish. The Mourner’s Kaddish

  5. Michelle says:

    OK, it’s official. Colin O’Donoghue is ACTIVELY trying to kill me. A little warning next time, Matt!

    • Suzie says:

      Wow! Colin is a real mutt in street clothes. It must be the pirate get up that makes him attractive, because that clip makes him look like a shlump that most girls wouldn’t dance with at a club.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        I have to admit the flannel does kind of kill the fantasy a bit, which is weird, because I usually go for that type. I think this man should be clothed in black leather from head to toe 24 hours a day.

    • Jennifer says:

      Just watched Colin in The Rite with Anthony Hopkins. Oh, wow, those eyes! That man has NO business looking like THAT and playing an almost priest!

  6. Brigette says:

    I had to stop watching this after Micheal said, “I’m not buying Hannah’s confession. How did Deb not poision her own drink?” That statement is moronic. I’m sorry.

  7. Holly says:

    Thanks guys for the clip and a huge thank you for starting off with Homeland! It was an excellent finale with mucho twists. Agree with your comments about Greys also. The last episode was good. I especially like the new interns and hope they stick around.

  8. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I love Spoiler Alert Theater! It’s always so much fun. I completely agree on the Hannah thing. Deb totally poisoned her own drink, and for whatever reason, Hannah doesn’t feel like pushing the issue with Dexter. She is probably still really pissed he turned her in and figures what’s the point.
    I did recognize that Saul wasn’t speaking Arabic when I watched Homeland. My job deals with a lot of different languages and while I don’t need to be fluent in anything, I need to at least have some recognition of languages. I could tell it was the Hebrew language or something very closely related to Hebrew. Plus I think the show has told us before that Saul is Jewish and I remembered that. But I don’t think it means Saul can’t be the mole because he was saying a prayer over all those people. I still think there’s a good chance it could be him. There could be a lot of circumstances going into it, like maybe he is being forced to do it. Plus at this point in the show, I believe they can make characters who have a love for humanity, but still participate in terrible things like terrorist acts for whatever personal reasons they have to do so. And I don’t believe the mole could end up being someone we don’t like or know, because that would be the easy way out for the show to take. It has to be someone we love and care about to make the impact as devastating as possible when we do learn the identity of the mole. But it could all be a red herring. I have to wonder if the writers have even made a decision on who the mole will be and are just trying to keep their options open at this point. Also, I have to believe Carrie and Brody are going to see each other again. I think at some point next season they will find him and bring him back to the states as an arrested terrorist, and then the stakes are really going to go up for Carrie to prove his innocence.

  9. Kate says:

    if you guys are watching homeland to figure out who the mole is, you are watching it wrong.

  10. Prue says:

    I don’t understand the “curly hair thing”…when was that?

  11. Ruth says:

    Wonder how long it’ll be beore they kill off Hook? I hope they don’t.

  12. O'Brien says:

    The thing that I’m sort of loving about Dan = GG is this: Dan is mos def the biggest douche in the universe, with the constantly being so darn judgey and whatnot, and it’s honestly disturbing that he’d more or less stalk his friends for six years and lie to them the entire time and likely an indicator of some kind of personality disorder…HOWEVER, when you look at it from a “GG is, in large part, about the scheming,” it’s a GREAT scheme. The best scheme that they have ever had, which is really why Blair is so huffy about it in the end. I mean, all of these people (with the exception of darling, dopey Nate) are pretty terrible. It’s like Blair says to Jenny in the first season – “Game recognizes game.” And from that perspective, Dan had some rock solid game (if we’re going to just suspend disbelief and accept him as GG, of course).

  13. Scott says:

    I don’t understand how it was confusing that Bailey had wedding jitters. Her last marriage didn’t go so well, so of course she’d be nervous. Also Adele isn’t just Richard’s wife to her – they’ve been friendly for years so of course she’d want to help. Additionally if she took the limo to the wedding how was Richard meant to get to the hospital quickly?

    Intern wise I’d like to see Stephanie stay on the most, then Brooks. None of the others interest me. Why does every single doctor have to have a sappy back story? Couldn’t Karev’s obvious love interest just be a rich girl who studied to get into med school. I’m not a fan of her character at all. & I just don’t buy the other guy and April getting together. His character seems so goofy and childish and I just don’t see how April could go there…

    I really hope Homeland doesn’t try to bring back Brody next season. For me it’s always been about Carrie and I think the show would be better just focusing on her.

  14. Seaweed says:

    Did anyone else notice Chuck saying “I love you” to Blair just as they come out of the dip/kiss at their wedding? Soooo cute! And just looked so perfect and natural. Best TV couple ever!