Nashville Scoop: Will Ming-Na Steal Rayna Away?

ming-na blogThose folks at Edgehill Records might want to think twice about threatening Rayna Jaymes with a dreaded “Greatest Hits” release.

Indeed, TVLine has learned that Ming-Na will appear in an upcoming episode of Nashville as Calista Reeves, a successful Los Angeles music-label exec with designs on luring Connie Britton’s country superstar away from her Edgehill roost. (Guess we’re not the only ones with “Wrong Song” on perpetual repeat on our iTunes.) Ming-Na’s guest role is slated for Episode 11 of Nashville‘s current freshman season.

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The ER vet, who recently booked a plum role on Joss Whedon’s Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot for ABC, is also known for her work on Two and a Half Men, SGU Stargate Universe and Eureka.

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