LOL Colbert Report Video: Breaking Abbey Mashes Up Two Critical Darlings

Either the Albuquerque drug scene has gotten really civilized, or Downton Abbey is in worse shape than we thought.

See for yourself in the uncensored snippet of Thursday’s edition of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, in which host Stephen Colbert – mad that First Lady Michelle Obama was able to watch the series’ third season in advance of its Jan. 6 premiere — offered up a Downton Abbey/Breaking Bad mash-up.

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The segment features the Brit hit’s Hugh Bonneville, Rob James-Collier and Jim Carter — plus another unexpected but oddly perfect guest, but we won’t spoil it for you.

Hit PLAY on the video below and then, if you’re not tweaking too hard for the “black chamomile crank,” hit the comments: What other shows would you like to see Colbert & Co. mess with?

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Uncensored – Breaking Abbey
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