The CW Orders a Hunger Game-y Survival Competition and Dating/Game Show Hybrid

HungerGames_KatnissA (presumably) bloodless take on The Hunger Games and a dating show that places a dollar value on your prospective matches are now in the pipeline at The CW.

For starters, the network on Wednesday gave a green light to The Hunt, an hour-long competition series that takes place over the course of a month as 12 teams of two rely on their physicality, survival skills and hunting abilities to endure food-, water- and shelter-free conditions, capture one another (safely, kids!) and win a cash prize.

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Perfect Score, meanwhile, is a half-hour dating/game show hybrid in which two friends compete to see who can pick their “ideal mate” from a line-up of 12 singles. Thing is, each possible match has secretly been assigned a dollar value based on compatibility tests, so the closer you come to singling out your MFEO OTL, the more cold, hard cash you win to spend on your first date at Chipotle.

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Premiere timetables for these pickups will be announced at a later date.

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