Exclusive: Hart of Dixie Is Heading for a Wedding! But Which Couple Is Tying the Knot?

Hart of Dixie Season 2 SpoilersHart of Dixie‘s winter finale gave fans the greatest gift of all: a real, romantic relationship for Zoe and Wade. But will the twosome be ready to say ‘I Do’ in the new year?

That we cannot tell you, but we can reveal exclusively that a pair of Bluebell staples — “people we know” well, shares showrunner Leila Gerstein — will tie the knot in a special spring installment of the CW charmer.

“Some of our characters will be having a wedding in Episode 16,” the tight-lipped Dixie creator tells TVLine. “There’s a big proposal in Episode 15 and then a big wedding [the following week]…. It will be very fun.”

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So, which lovebirds are thisclose to walking down the aisle? We’re breaking down the likely — and unlikely — suspects below, and (we think) eliminating one potential couple from contention.

ZOE AND WADE | It took Zoe quite awhile to recognize Wade as her boyfriend, but now that she has, what’s to stop her from locking down her studly man for good? Wade’s already been married once, so we know he can settle down. And the doc herself is known for making big, bold moves — maybe one of them will be tying the knot with her new-ish guy!

GEORGE AND TANSY | This relatively new duo laughed off an engagement this week, but perhaps the time to wed will finally be right in a few months time.

The Big DayZOE AND GEORGE | The stars have yet to align for Bluebell’s Golden Boy and pint-sized doc and now they’re both happily in other relationships. But this is Hart of Dixie, which means at the drop of a hat, Zoe and George could find themselves dumped and depressed — and married to each other!

GEORGE AND LEMON | While unlikely, it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility that these longtime loves would find their way back to each other. They’ve certainly softened toward one another in recent weeks, and you know what they say: You never truly get over your first love. Hey, they’ve already planned one wedding, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to pull off another on a whim.

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LEMON AND LAVON | These former flames are on the outs for now — but come on, they’re obviously meant to be. Speaking of, Lavon must still have that mega-watt engagement ring handy, right?

Sparks FlyLAVON AND RUBY | Go ahead and count this now-ex-couple out of wedding running. Gerstein tells TVLine that Golden Brooks’ Ruby “is gone for awhile,” so it’s doubtful she’ll be the blushing bride. That said, “she may come back” later on, so perhaps there’s still hope for these two down the line.

BRICK AND EMILY | Who’s to say Brick won’t rekindle his romance with the one that got away — and just in time for a spring wedding?

ANNABETH AND A MYSTERY MAN | It’s only a matter of time before our favorite scene-stealer winds up with a love of her own. So, maybe Mr. Right will pop up soon and sweep Annabeth off her feet and down the aisle. (Might we suggest Travis Van Winkle’s newcomer Jonah Breeland?)

WANDA AND TOM | As much as we’d love to see one of Dixie‘s main players get hitched, don’t these two seem most likely to say ‘I Do’? The odds appear to be in their favor: they’ve been together longer than everyone else in Bluebell; they’re beloved enough characters to warrant a wedding, but not major enough to alter the fabric of the show (and its many love triangles) by marrying; and they’re so darn cute together, it would be “very fun,” as Gerstein promised.

Which Bluebell duo do you think is getting hitched? And who did we forget? Hit the comments!

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