Doctor Who Christmas Special Preview: 'I Do the Hand-Grabbing! That's My Job! It's Always Me!"

Last month, BBC America dropped a preview for Doctor Who: The Snowmen that gave us a glimpse of Jenna-Louise Coleman as our titular hero’s new companion Clara (not to be confused — or perhaps especially to be confused — with Coleman’s prior Who character Oswin, from “Asylum of the Daleks”).

The latest trailer for the long-running franchise’s Christmas special, however, features something that took me a little by surprise: What appears to be the start of a big ole smooch between the Doctor and Clara. (It’s brief, and possibly misleading, but it’s definitely there at the :25 mark.) Plus, you’ll hear a variation on Game of Thrones‘ “winter is coming” tagline. And you’ll feast your eyes on what looks like a spiral staircase to…heaven? (And by heaven, I obviously mean the TARDIS.)

Doctor Who: The Snowmen premieres Dec. 25 (9/8 c, BBC America). Check out the trailer below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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