Exclusive NCIS: LA Video: Santa Delivers an Undercover Op at Sea and Two Big Kisses

NCISLAchristmasWhile the agents from NCIS proper will be home for the holidays, their counterparts on CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles are taking a road trip. And by road I mean at sea, and by trip I mean undercover assignment — and TVLine has a first look at that Dec. 18 episode.

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Ideally, the Los Angeles NCIS team’s holiday will be full of cheer and not fear — as Callen notes here, “Even bad guys don’t like being on the Naughty List” — as they spend Christmas aboard an aircraft carrier, investigating the death of a fellow agent.

Meanwhile back at HQ, Nell and Eric are quite full of the holiday spirit (or spirits) as evidenced by one of this promo’s two smooches.

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