What's on Your TV Wish List for 2013? Speak Up!

wishlist300 As the new year approaches — call us optimistic, but we think we’ll survive the Mayan apocalypse — it’s time to look ahead and think of the future. Last month, Team TVLine — and you, our dear readers — gave thanks for 2012’s TV bounty, but as small screen addicts, we always want more, more, more.

Here’s where you come in: Instead of mailing your TV wish lists to Santa (or Hanukkah Harry), send ’em to TVLine! Specifically, email your Most Wanted lists to or use the Contact Us page.

Is there a plot twist that needs to happen? Are you praying for the renewal of a struggling show? Does your heart simply beg for more Nolan and Jack scenes on Revenge, as ours does? We want to hear all your wishes for 2013! (And we want you to be specific.)

Remember, no desire is too big or too small. Who knows, maybe the TV gods are listening, so don’t forget to plead your case! (For example: “I wish that Joss Whedon finds a role for Enver Gjokaj in S.H.I.E.L.D., and that the project is a huge hit. It’s time the whole world learned about Enver’s incredible acting chops!”)

We’re turning off the Comments section, so again — email or use the Contact Us page, putting “WISH LIST” in the Subject Line. Once we’ve received a batch of your ideas, we’ll share them in a photo gallery with your genius, thoughtful and/or funny quotes!