TVLine's Performer of the Week: Charlie Hunnam

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SpoilersA new feature in which we spotlight the past week’s shining star

THE PERFORMER | Charlie Hunnam

THE SHOW | Sons of Anarchy (FX)

THE EPISODE | “J’ai Obtenu Cette”

THE AIRDATE | December 4, 2012

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THE PERFORMANCE | Jax Teller completed his transformation into a new man this week during the gritty drama’s season finale, in which he officially became the ruthless outlaw leader he’d long despised. Hunnam turned in yet another impeccable, nuanced performance in the final 90 minutes of Sons‘ fifth season as the underrated actor expressed a range of emotions rarely seen from the King of Charming.

He feigned ignorance while being questioned about Damon Pope’s murder (“You give me way too much credit. I’m just a mechanic looking out for my family.”). He showed fatherly affection to troubled Son Juice (“I’m proud of you,” with a kiss). He complacently accepted his fate of morphing into Clay’s equal (“Maybe I’m not so different…”). And Hunnam conquered it all.

His most poignant work, however, involved no dialogue and came about in the installment’s final moments: his cold, unnerving glare in response to his wife being carted off to jail for something she did to help save him and his club. It was a unsettling parting shot and a perfect cap to Hunnam’s triumphant season.

HONORABLE MENTION | Suburgatory‘s Parker Young for his fearless, fully committed, Incredible Hulk-inspired meltdown upon Ryan’s discovery that he was adopted.

Which performance knocked your socks off this past week?