Christmas Photos: NCIS Unwraps DiNozzo's Digs

With this season’s Christmas episode, CBS’ NCIS presents a special gift for longtime viewers: a first look at Tony DiNozzo’s apartment. And TVLine has an early sneak peek.

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Setting the stage for this look-see at the NCIS agent’s place is a Yuletide visit from his father, played by returning guest star Robert Wagner. Elsewhere in the hour, airing Dec. 18, Gibbs’ team “follows the money” to solve a murder and Abby is bursting with excitement over the holiday festivities (as seen in one of the below photos).

Speaking of Abs: As previously shared by TVLine, Pauley Perrette said that costar Michael Weatherly “had a lot to do with everything” in his character’s apartment. “He has amazing taste,” she told us. “Everything’s always decorated so immaculately and with a lot of class, so there’s a couple Michael Weatherly things in there, and one really big surprise” — which, Cote de Pablo has teased, involves the boudoir.

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  1. I’m really excited about this episode cause we get to see Tony’s apartment, which from the pictures, looks awesome. I just want to know what that small wrapped present is…’s definitely the size of a ring box! I most certainly hope it’s from Tony to Ziva. :-) Just glad that DiNozzo Sr. is visiting and not a suspect or witness in a case for a change.

  2. Can’t wait to see what Tony’s apartment looks like.After reading so many stories describing his place. It will be good to see what it really looks like.

  3. Mel says:

    Very excited for this episode, especially since it’s been a very Tony-lite season. Can’t wait to see what his apratment looks like, and can only hope this “surprise” isn’t something to make the character look silly. Michael Weatherly is a talented comedic actor, but fans of DiNozzo know that he’s so much more than just the comic relief. Here’s hoping all the fans get a nice holiday gift with this ep.

    • tejasjulia says:

      Agreed! I love what we see in the pictures so far. Very in-character. I confess to trying to read teh spines of the books. LOL I’ve always pegged Tony as a closet reader. And agree completely about not wanting to see his bedroom undercutting the character.

  4. Yesterday's Child says:

    I so know this site is not pro CBS shows, but this show’s numbers and ratings will not be seen again for any new show today or years down the road. Love every character and their chemistry, and so looking forward to this episode. For fans, these character’s are kinda like family after this long on TV, and I am hoping this is an amazing Christmas episode.

  5. rikes says:

    This is how you know a show has been on the air too long: when showing an apartment is the highlight lol

  6. Kevin in CT says:

    I’ve just “discovered” the West Wing TV show, in season 3 Mark Harmon played a Secret Service agent, Simon Donovan who was protecting CJ (Allison Janney) how about having her guest star as maybe an FBI agent? She could say to Gibbs “haven’t we met before?”

    • J says:

      If you watch any of the background of the making of NCIS you’ll learn something more concerning that particular character of Mark Harmon on West Wing. I believe, if my memory is correct, that he was chosen for the part of Gibbs based on his guest performance in this part.

  7. gus bricker says:

    Too damn fancy for Tony, IMO.

    • Kassie says:

      You say this after we’ve seen for years all the fancy suits he wears? I was more relieved that his place wasn’t a little hole in the wall.

  8. Svenja says:

    I am just so excited for this episode. It’s not even funny. This and the McGee-Diane-Fornell-Gibbs episode.

  9. Wanda says:

    Hi Mel – I think it would be helpful to take heart, rather than view the upcoming episode with such a negative eye!! This ep will likely not be “All about Tony”, as it appears to be a Holiday TEAM episode – as it should be!! :) I’m glad things have been “Tony lite” so far, since last season his character was overly ubiquitous..and it detracted from the rest of the equally wonderful team (and fans complained). To me this year has been more “Ziva lite”, actually; but it looks like we’ll finally get something for her next month.

    • Svenja says:

      I agree things have been well-balanced so far. That’s the key to this season’s success. Every character had moments to shine (except for McGee..he has been a tad bit underused except for the McNozzo storyline in 10×04…but they will make up for it next episode I think). Last year the episodes focused too much on certain characters. It were character-themed episode that lacked team vibe and also continuity. This year it’s not like that at all. There is a great dyamic and balance going on. Even when we have “character-centric” eps this year, there is still other stuff with other characters. It’s really well done. Also the continuity is great this year. I am certainly amazed. I have to say that S10 is among my favourite seasons already if they keep up the quality. It’s very human. I love that. Also they listen to the fans and give them stuff they have been asking for for years and years. I swear I haven’t been this satisfied with the show since season 5. Everyone does a great job and they get better and better. 10×09 will probably make me laugh tears, the Christmas ep will leave us with feels and I can’t even imagine what will happen in the Ziva-Vance january eps but I bet they will kill us with drama :) . Very happy NCIS fan here.

      • Wanda says:

        Oh, I agree, Svenja :) The well-balanced team theme like you said seems to be one of the things the show is doing right this season!! I love seeing all the different pairings – it’s very fun. S10 is becoming one of my favorites too – I’ve been hoping for this camraderie since S5 as well (S3 was pretty spectacular as well!) Let’s hope they keep it up! I’m worried about Eli David next month too :(

    • From reading Mel’s post, he/she sounds very excited about this episode as we’ll get to see Tony’s apartment and DiNozzo Sr. as well, along with the team as it’s a Christmas episode! Nothing negative about her post at all.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I had a feeling Tony’s apartment would be classy, yet not overly fancy, and it looks like I was right. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it – and seeing Robert Wagner again, always a treat. :)

  11. Carol says:

    Tony’s apartment is modern but with a classic touch. Still interested in seeing the boudoir!
    My condo walls are the same color with an identical grouping of windows. Wonder if there is a balcony in the apartment? What an elegantly decorated Christmas tree!

    • Dani says:

      Oh, wouldn’t a balcony be wonderful (and Romantic)??!! I could totally see Ziva out there, and Tony comes and puts a coat around her shoulders so she won’t get cold…. :D

  12. mw says:

    mwthink the bed they are talking about is the antigue bed they talked about in one of the early seasons shows, that his mother decorated his room with as a child. I think it was a Louis the 14th style.

  13. Ashley says:

    I really hope there is good tiva moments in this episode because there are always good tiva when tonys father is there,I think that little box is a ring that tonys father gave to him and he said to give it to ziva that would be so perfect.

  14. Kimble says:

    Wow… and it only took 10 years to see Tony’s place… but, I’m glad it’s not the stereotypical frat boy pad most fans seems to think is all Tony is capable of. It looks classy and modern with anachronistic touches, and with Tony’s taste in suits and cars, that seems absolutely perfect. I certainly hope the show doesn’t go with some character-cutting joke in the bedroom. Michael is a great comedic actor (who REALLY shines when allowed to spread his dramatic wings) and is too-often used for the butt-of-the-joke cheap shot on this show. It would be a nice touch to see something that belonged to Kate in the apartment, I can see Tony keeping some kind of memento of her, something private that shows he’s deeper than most take him for (and not that wet t-shirt picture, Tony is a better man than that.)

    As always, though, it will be a joy to see RJ back! His chemistry with Michael is absolutely brilliant, and those two steal the show every single time!

  15. Lyn says:

    I was looking forward to this episode as I really like the glimpse into Tony we get. It’s especially interesting to note that GG says no one has been invited to,his apartment. I probably won’t watch any other episodes after this as the Tiva emphasis has ruined the show for me. I used to enjoy the show when it was an ensemble, but the soap,opera has taken over.