Supernatural Recap: You Can't Go Home Again

Citizen FangThe winter finale of Supernatural on Wednesday night proved that there’s no winner in Dean and Sam’s battle over Benny.

Both were right and both were wrong as the vampire’s true nature revealed itself to be far more complicated than a simple “killer” or “not a killer.”

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The episode begins in Louisiana, where Benny, now going by Roy, is working at the Gumbo Shack — because what else is a reformed vampire to do? While he’s trying to walk the line, Sam’s got Martin, a hunter who’s had some mental issues, tracking him. One night, he follows Benny into the woods until he stumbles over a dead body with a neck wound. Dean is reluctant to believe his pal is responsible, but he agrees that they should look into it. First, he wants a couple hours to let Benny explain himself: If he is the killer, Dean will take care of the vamp himself.

Benny looks awfully suspicious when Dean tracks him down, washing blood off his hands and burying a second victim. But he’s got a good reason – Desmond, a vampire from his good ol’ days, is after him to join his nest, and he won’t give up until Benny does so. He’s been been killing people, chasing Benny out of one town after another. This place, however, is special — it’s his hometown — and he’s not leaving. He’s even found some family (great grand daughter Elizabeth at the Shack) to keep him honest.

Dean expects Sam and Martin to just trust Benny’s story and is willing to risk innocent lives on his word, but they’re reluctant. “He has never let me down,” Dean says. Ouch — that one clearly stings for Sam, who replies bitingly, “Good on you, Dean. Must feel great finally finding someone you can trust after all these years.”

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Citizen FangMartin takes matters into his own hands and knocks Dean out, freeing himself and Sam to go after the vamp. But Benny’s already hightailed it thanks to a tip from Dean; they later kill Desmond together. As Dean bleeds from the neck, Benny stares as the wound a little too long and then walks away before anything else happens. He’s on his way way underground — he can’t stay put in his home now — when he gets a call from Martin, who’s taken Elizabeth hostage. Forced to return to the Shack, Benny offers himself up – almost literally, laying his head down on the counter for the chop – in exchange for her life, but just as it appears that Martin is about to behead him, the scene cuts away. Most evil act break ever? The action picks back up with Dean getting a call from Elizabeth to come back. When he shows up, she’s covered in blood and barely able to speak. Inside, Martin’s bloody, dead body greets him. So Benny killed, but only once pushed to the edge by the unstable hunter, who Dean says had it coming.

If you’re wondering where Sam is in all this, well, he’s driving. Furiously. After getting a text from Amelia while looking for Benny – “I need your help. Come quick,” it reads – he speeds off to her home. It was once his home, too, until — cue flashbacks — he left following Don’s return because it was the right thing to do. Everything is just fine when Sam arrives there and spies Amelia and Don through the window: It was actually Dean who sent the text to get his brother to back off. The younger Winchester is none too happy about it, especially after learning of Benny’s casualty. He hangs up on Dean and turns around to find… Amelia. “I knew that was you,” she says.

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the winter finale? Were you expecting more from the Amelia flashbacks? And was there a more heartbreaking line than Dean saying to Benny, “Guys like us, we don’t get a home. We don’t get a family”? Sound off in the comments!