Exclusive Glee Video: War Erupts at McKinley in Wake of Big Sectionals [Spoiler]

Glee Season 4 SpoilersIf you thought Sue Sylvester couldn’t aim any lower in her never-ending war against New Directions, think again. In the following, very spoilery clip from this Thursday’s episode of Glee, entitled “Swan Song,” the hard-charging Cheerios coach co-opts the show choir’s high-ceilinged rehearsal space for her own absurd uses, and in the process, defaces the plaque commemorating the work of the group’s late former coach Lillian Adler.

But don’t for a second think Sue is going to claim her new territory without a fight — not while New Directions’ interim advisor Finn Hudson is still able to draw air into his lungs.

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Press PLAY below to see Sue and Finn’s battle of wills turn into a battle of bicep strength. Just be warned that what you’ll see will most definitely give away answers about the outcome of last Thursday’s cliffhanger.

What do you think of the latest salvo in the Cheerios-New Directions war? And who do you think will emerge victorious? Sound off in the comments!

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