The CW's Cult Inherits Emily Owens' Timeslot

PilotA mysterious sect is moving into Emily Owens‘ perch.

The CW announced Tuesday that the new thriller Cult will premiere Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 9/8c, replacing the recently cancelled Emily Owens M.D.

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The meta series centers around Jeff (The Vampire Diaries‘ Matt Davis), a journalist blogger who, after his brother goes missing, starts an investigation along with a young production assistant (Melrose Place’s Jessica Lucas) on a popular TV show called Cult. Their theory? That the show’s rabid fans may be re-creating the crimes from the program. Alona Tal (Supernatural) and Robert Knepper (Prison Break) co-star as actors within the fictional series.

Gossip Girl producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage and writer Rockne O’Bannon (V, Farscape) are behind the project.

Press PLAY to watch a preview of the new drama and then hit the comments with your snappy judgements.

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  1. C says:

    I loved Emily Owens, md, i think they just didnt show it in the right day, they should of moved it to Mondays

    • TL says:

      I don’t know, pairing it with Hart of Dixie was the best timeslot that show could have gotten. In the end, it was the show’s fault for not getting enough viewers. Not the timeslot.

  2. Babybop says:

    Excited! I saw the preview for this and it looked really interesting.

  3. Ana says:

    Ok. I’m intrigued. And I already watch Emily Owens so I might give it a shot.

  4. Danielle Hamilton says:

    Wow.. looks terrible. WTB Matt back on TVD!!

  5. mario says:

    just because the timeslot is free doesnt mean its the right spot….

    • lll says:

      Cult is in the wrong timeslot. It should be on Wednesdays behind Arrow or Thursdays behind VD. I will even take Fridays after or before Nikita. Tuesdays is going to get this show cancelled, and by the looks of the preview it doesn’t deserve this treatment.

      • Andrea says:

        Tuesday will be the perfect fit for a Nikita/Cult night, and Hart of Dixie should be sended to die on friday (or be switched witb Beauty and the Beast, this one on friday I mean)

        • Shannon P. says:

          I would love to see Nikita move to Tuesdays but instead of pairing it w/ Cult maybe Beauty and the Beast would be a better pairing. Cult can follow Vampire Diaries on Thursday and Hart of Dixie can move to Fridays w/ Top Model.

    • Shannon P. says:

      Ditto! It would be a better fit on Thursdays w/ The Vampire Diaries or Fridays w/ Nikita. No disrespect to Hart of Dixie, its cute and everything, but its not strong enough to be a lead-in.

      • Dizzle says:

        Actually, aside from TVD and Arrow, it’s the nets strongest show in the demo it wants (women 18-34). Supernatural and 90210 fluctuate, but Hart Of Dixie is always up there. That said, it is a bizarre choice of lead in. But then, with TiVo, DVRs, VOD services etc, who actually decides to watch a show based on what it’s scheduled with?

        • John says:

          No matter how much Supernatural fluctuates, its always higher than what Dixie gets. And Supernatural gets 50-60% boost with DVR ratings and has great vod sale.

          • Dizzle says:

            I would like to preface this by saying im Not trying to get into a Supernatural vs HOD grudge fight here! But DVR and VOD results d

          • Dizzle says:

            Sorry, hit send too early, damn smartphones!

            I would like to preface this by saying im Not trying to get into a Supernatural vs HOD grudge fight here! But DVR and VOD results don’t necessarily mean a show will be a strong lead-in, as that means people aren’t watching the show live. And until they find a way to monetise DVR and VOD playbacks as they can actual airings, the networks won’t be able to justify a show’s existence based on them.

            As it stands, by the numbers, Hart Of Dixie is actually ahead of Supernatural. It’s most recent airing scored 0.9 in the women 18-34 demo, Supernatural’s a 0.6. Yes, HOD is not the most compatible show for Cult, but it’s got a bigger and more ideal audience to launch a new show.

        • John says:

          Btw CW is branching out, if you pay notice to the stuff.

  6. mac says:

    As much as I want Matt back on TVD (the show feels like a dead cold body since he left) I’m willing to give the show a shot. Emily Owens, MD was quite funny but I really hope that Justin Hartley can now move to ‘Arrow’, not as Oliver but maybe as some other awesome character ?

  7. Jo3y says:

    CW should really get rid of Josh Schwartz & co., they aren’t able anymore to have a decent idea for a series since “the O.C.” (and don’t point to “Chuck” ’cause it was clearly a Chris Fredak’s creature). Where are the times in wich on the WB used to work people like Joss Whedon, Ryan Murphy, Amy Sherman-Palladino, Greg Berlanti, Kevin Williamson and J.J. Abrams? They should try to hire some young new valuable writers with original ideas and stop copying old ideas.

  8. Katie Hart says:

    One of the most competitive timeslots of the week – hope it thrives despite that! Matt Davis has me giving Cult at least 2-3 episodes. But Hart of Dixie is a weird lead-in.

  9. Mary says:

    I’m excited for this show but I would have prefered that it be paired with Vampire Diaries or Arrow. This just does not sound like a show that should follow Hart of Dixie.

  10. Ale says:

    Can’t wait! looks really good.

  11. Mark222 says:

    Oh come on people, this looks TERRIBLE. it doesnt even look like a real TV show.

  12. Annie-C says:

    I wanted to try that show because of Matt Davis but tuesdays at 9 I already have 2 tv shows. Not the best spot. There’s too much competition on tuesdays to start a new show there.

  13. I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

    Ugh. 9 PM on Tuesday? If Sarah Michelle Gellar couldn’t make it work, I don’t think Matt Davis can. Bummer. Was so looking forward to this. Guess Damon’s getting his drinking buddy back! Can ghosts drink?

  14. ABC says:

    I find Matt Davis to be bland.

  15. Blake says:

    I’ll definitely give it a chance. I’m always up for a good thriller.

  16. justanotherfan says:

    I though they were going to air the rest of the 13 episodes of Emily?

  17. Sara says:

    CW trying to destroy the show before it even starts. So typical of the network run by monkeys. How does HoD as a lead in for Cult make any sense? It’s better paired with TVD or Nikita. They should move BATB to Tuesdays.

    Love Matt Davies. I’ve been looking forward to Cult.

  18. Lauren says:

    That’s a terrible spot for it. Hart of Dixie and Cult are nothing alike. It would be better off behind Vampire Diaries, and move Beauty and the Beast.
    But anyway, really looking forward to this, hope it lives up to my expectations.

  19. tvaddict says:

    Tuesdays at 9 is cursed for the CW-Emily Owens, Ringer, Hellcats all have died there

  20. Lena says:

    Definitely gonna check this out, cool premise and I love Matt Davis! But the fact that anyone who was ever involved with Gossip Girl is behind it might sink it–those people are the biggest trolls on the planet

  21. Surprised. says:

    Ric from TVD, Jo from SPN and the creepiest baddie from Breakout Kings? I don’t care when it’s on, that’s what DVR is for. I’ll just record it and watch it when I watch the other 4 CW shows I love (this station has taken a dark turn, and I love it.)

  22. John says:

    Jo from Supernatural and T-Bag from Prison Break (Heroes)!!! Sign me up!!

  23. Patricia says:

    That looks freaky and too complicated nothing that really got me interested. As much as I like seeing Matt Davis on TV I’m gonna pass on this one.

  24. cherylw says:

    we just discovered emily owens..,fell in love…man i am upset

  25. April says:

    Wow it looks so bad and confusing!

  26. Bob says:

    The CW is still on the air? When is CBS going to deep-six this parasite network?

  27. Shannon says:

    I think it looks awesome. Stellar cast, interesting story that is different that the 15 other medical/teen dramas on TV. I can’t wait to watch.

  28. Jared says:

    Cult looks interesting but ill probably only be able to watch it on VOD. Over on ABC FAMILY season 2 of The Lying Game is scheduled for Tuesdays at 9 and there’s NO WAY I’m missing that.

  29. mandymauer says:

    Mondays should be 90210. Tuesdays should be Hart of Dixie and The Carrie Diaries (First, you have big city girl moving to small town. Then you have small town girl moving to big city). Wednesdays should be Arrow and Nikita. Thursdays should be The Vampire Diaries and Cult (I figure most are going to watch this show based on Matt Davis’s work on TVD). Fridays should be Supernatural and Beauty and the Beast.

  30. sarah says:

    So freaking excited about this show! I hope it lasts!

  31. erin says:

    I really hope that 90210 will be renewed for a full season 6
    millon of Viewers don’t like to see their CW programming shows getting Canceled Don’t Understand why does the cw network always have to pull out Short Season Series Finale and ending their series for the cw programing shows

  32. Artemis says:

    No love for the CW, no love for the crap they call TV, no love for the actors or producers of this show–but Farscape was and is my one of my favorite shows and definitely my favorite sci-fi show, partly because of O’Bannon’s writing. So, for better or worse, I’ll probably be tuning into this.

  33. A cutesy romantic dramedy about a doctor moving from NYC to a small Southern town is paired with a creepy, meta mystery thriller about a cult of obsessed TV fans? Great thinking, CW. I guess they learned nothing from the debacle they just had trying to pair Top Model with Nikita. Putting Cult in EOMD’s slot means minimum shuffling of the schedule, true, but it also means the show is probably doomed – especially considering that the CW has failed to launch shows in the Tuesday 9pm slot over and over again.

    It’s a shame, because I think the premise of Cult is REALLY intriguing and could lead to a great show, and the cast is good. Just what the CW needs to rebrand itself and move away from its teenybopper, “shows about rich white girls in love triangles” image. Sigh.