What to Watch: 5 Web Series Worth Checking Out

nphmuppetsTop Chef contestants get a do-over, Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) harmonizes with Muppets and Hart of Dixie‘s Wilson Bethel finds his def flow. Plus, Squad 85, a parody police procedural, bursts onto the crime-web scene.

Neil’s Puppet Dreams | The Muppets + NPH = awesome. ‘Nuff said. If you need more convincing, here are some enticing deets. Harris’ real-life husband, David Burtka, also stars. When Neil sleeps, he dreams in puppets. Singing ensues. The whimsical tunes take a dark left turn, which leads to an oddly fun combination of toe-tapping and cringing. The series can be found on the Nerdist channel, which has been frequently partnering with The Muppets on other projects lately, including this romp featuring Ben Folds Five and Fraggle Rock alumni.

Stupid Hype | The first series to launch on The CW’s digital channel is the brainchild of Bethel, who serves as writer, producer and star. His character, Hype, turns to rap after injuring himself in a devastating breakdancing accident. Hype’s b-boy days may be over, but he’s determined to find a outlet for his creative expression. Bethel deftly channels Vanilla Ice and has clearly mastered the art of the ’90s-infused parody. You go, boy!

Last Chance Kitchen | Each night after Top Chef airs on Bravo, the cable net serves up an episode of Last Chance Kitchedn to web viewers. In LCK, every eliminated chef receives a chance to re-enter the competition by way of a last chance challenge. In this first episode, contestants have 30 minutes to create something tasty using the same ingredients that got them kicked off Top Chef. The winner of each challenge will compete against the following week’s eliminated chef(s) until there is one chef left standing. That chef will will be allowed back onto Top Chef to compete for the title.

Squad 85 | Politically incorrect, undercover, time-traveling cops use unconventional methods to bust drug dealers in hopes of “making drugs safe again for kids.” We want to go to there. An impressive comedic cast includes Parvesh Cheena (Outsourced), Diedrich Bader (Outsourced), RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad), Rizwan Manji (Outsourced) and Gregory Bonsignore (Lie to Me), who created the show and also serves as director.

Total Bearding Network | A cyber sibling of IFC’s Whisker Wars, this cheeky animated sketch debuted recently with the tag line, “It’s like ESPN, but for beards.” In the first episode, TBN newscasters offer theories on why beards in Brooklyn are so much more, well, beard-ier than in the rest of the world.

What are your faves? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!