Exclusive New Girl Preview: Olivia Munn Is a (Hot) Hot Mess -- and Nick Couldn't Be Happier!

Looks like tears and beers are two gigantic turn-ons for New Girls Nick.

As you’ll see in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video, which sets up guest star Olivia Munn‘s first appearance on the Fox comedy this week (Tuesday 9/8c), the fact that Munn’s Angie is crying and drinking in the afternoon is far from a red flag for Jess’ barkeep roommate. In fact, it seems to make him like the down-and-out stranger even more.

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As for Munn’s time on set? “She’s bringing a little bit of The Newsroom professionalism to this clown show,” Jake Johnson jokes. (And as these photos reveal, Munn’s also bringing a whole lot of nookie for the curmudgeonly Nick.)

Press PLAY on the video below to get the scoop on Munn’s New Girl entrance (she’ll appear in multiple episodes), then hit the comments with your predictions for Angie and Nick’s future.