Glee Sneak Peek: Kate Hudson Previews Rachel and Cassandra's Fantastic Fosse Dance-Off

Cassandra July, Glee‘s resident dance instructor with attitude to spare, isn’t letting up on Rachel — and the aspiring star isn’t backing down, either. In the following video preview from this Thursday’s episode (Fox, 9/8c), Ms. Berry gets a little defiant, so Cassandra challenges her to a dance-off to prove her worth.

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Since this is NYADA, of course the Bob Fosse-inspired match-up is set to the Broadway classic “All That Jazz,” which is more than OK with musical junkie Kate Hudson.

Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Tim says:

    Every Nyada scene is the same. I’m bored by the NY side.

  2. melp1124 says:

    I agree. NYC is getting boring, which I never thought I’d say. Also, the writers are making me despise Rachel Berry, which makes me mad, as I have always loved her. And don’t even get me started on how much I hate the Brody character. He can’t act, and he really has no chemistry with Lea.

    • The only thing I like right now in NYC is Brody (loved the slap of truth the gave Rachel last episode).
      I was expecting a lot of NYC, but it’s really boring. It seems like the only class Rachel has is dancing classes…she’s always dressed as if she was going to a party (even at home!) and she has anything of old Rachel anymore.
      Kurt is totally without a good story as well…he turned simply Rachel’s best friend (or should I say only friend) in New York.
      They need to rethink this part of the show ASAP.

      • I can’t believe you support Brody’s foolish attempt at defending what he did. Rachel was in a relationship and Brody was not; he may be single, but that doesn’t make his sleazy tryst with Cassandra acceptable, especially since he’s been flirting with Rachel.

        • Rab says:

          One has to take Brody’s explanation with a grain of salt. He is a player, so, bedding someone who maybe his instructor or not, with no feeling except to tell Rachel, this is the adult world. He is a cad. If people or Rachel want to accept that excuse as logical and acceptable then so be it. But all it was was an in your face truth be told about Brody. He doesn’t look at Rachel or another woman as anything but an exercise. Youth go through this as an accepted norm, but as time goes by, these same youth will realize that all they did was waste a time on casual unfeeling sex instead of intimacy with some real and deep feelings to share with someone of significance. Casual non intimate encounter is empty and makes one feel hollow and insignificant. just something that life teaches one who has done those same things for “fun”. Rachel will soon find out and I mean much sooner she will realize Brody is a casual encounter. A player if you will.

  3. Alice says:

    Rachel has more chemistry with Cassandra than she does Brody.

  4. Matt says:

    Yawn. :/

    Hopefully “Swan Song” means this is the NYC part of the show’s last episode because it’s unbelievably boring. Give Lea and Chris a 30 minute spinoff that airs after Glee. I don’t enjoy a random, unrelated show interrupting Glee every few minutes on Thursday’s between 9 and 10pm.

  5. Eric says:

    I’m sorry, the actor playing Brody is doing just fine and he and Lea have good chemistry, plus he is so much more attractive and has a better body than Cory Monteith. All you peolpe are Finchel supporters, they are broken up for the moment, but you know eventually they will reunite, so please stop hating on the actors, they’re just doing their job.

    • Annoyed when people hide their motives says:

      It’s annoying when people hate on a character because they aren’t dating who they want, but the instant their whole life revolves around the character they want them to worship they’re amazing

    • G says:

      You have very valid reasons for liking Brody, but because he “has a better body that Cory Monteith” is a stupid reason. Plus Cory looks fitter than ever this season.

      • K says:

        People like you are the problem, nobody even brought that up as a reason and here you are going off about it. Nobody was even talking about Dean’s body, so there is no need to be so stingy about Cory’s. People need to calm down.

        • Matt says:

          Umm…K, they were. Look at the first post in this set. And I quote:

          “…plus he is so much more attractive and has a better body than Cory Monteith.”

          So please read what has been written *BEFORE* you go chastising someone. Otherwise, you look like a fool.

          • Rab says:

            Personally, I wouldn’t mind ogling the handsome and fit Cory Monteith. IMO, Dean Geyer is short and has a very fit body, but has very narrow eyes that scream Creep! to me. He wouldn’t be on my Xmas list. None of us have the same opinions of what is in our own expectations of what beauty or handsome good looks are. We aspire to see someone who is good lookin on TV. To others what is beautiful about a person is what is inside.

  6. Goku says:

    Are you kidding? NYC part of the show is the only reason I’m still watching Glee. New kids are boring, especially Marley. And her bulimia? Dumbest storyline ever. She has to be blind to think that she put on weight. I also hate Ryder. The only new character I like is Kitty but only because of her one-liners.

    • Sean says:

      THANK YOU! The only reason I still tune in is for the NYC scenes. The only thing characters I’m interested in back t McKinley are Blaine, Brittany, and Sam. NYC spin off show, please!

      • NY is Glee now says:

        The last few McKinley centric episodes were almost unwatchable. The new characters are so boring. I’ve learned my lesson and no longer bother watching episodes without Kurt and Rachel.

        • anne says:

          Yeah, if they spent more time and care on the NY side, it would be much more interesting. They need more than Kurt and Rachel there, and having this whole new school only for Rachel was a mistake. It shouldn’t have been so exclusive and several of the students should have gotten in. (Mercedes and Mike for example)

    • Tim says:

      I’m sure you enjoy c-span too.

  7. Lori says:

    I only watch anymore for the NY side of the show and this is what I’ve been waiting for. Rachel is blossoming in NY.

  8. RyanC says:

    Yeah, I’m only interested in the new York scenes now. The completely awful way they’ve dealt with the vey serious issue of eating disorders has been really disturbing to me. There’s nothing I enjoy about the McKinley scenes anymore, it all feels so forced and rehashed. Yet, weirdly, the new York scenes seem so fresh and fun. Personally I wish they would spin it off so I could stop watching glee!

  9. Lori says:

    They’re been focusing on McKinely since they returned from the first hiatus and until they brought back NY and familiar faces last week the ratings and song sales kept falling every week.

    Back on topic Rachel and Cassie’s dance off looks like it will be fierce and fabulous.

  10. Ally Oop says:

    I don`t even care about the New York scenes. Ever since Finn became the new Glee Club advisor I`ve been so into the show. And the new characters, especially Marlee and Jake have really interested me. I loved the past episode when Quinn and Santana were back as mentors but I get that it`s not workable for them to be back all of the time. I say for next year just ditch the New York scenes but have some reunion episodes for old characters from time to time (ie. mentorships, Glee siblings, etc.). This is so like Degrassi was when they tried to introduce that university setting to keep some of the original characters on the show after they graduated but then ultimately decided to drop that setting and stick with the local Degrassi one. I also think that maybe Glee can venture to some summer holiday episodes–maybe some of the students and former students could host a musical theatre camp or something, anything that could bring old characters back while sticking to the core high school characters.

  11. Kate says:

    I’m starting to feel like the only person willing to enjoy both parts of the show. Is it a little annoying that we only ever see Rachel in dance class? Of course. Do I wish they’d allow Rachel and Kurt to interact with people other than each other and their special guest stars? Absolutely. What I don’t understand however is people saying the New York side is repeating without acknowledging that Lima is as well. Am I supposed to believe class elections, school plays, competition episodes, and endless love triangles are suddenly fresh just because they involve different characters this time? That aside, I think the real problem with the two locations is that it feels like two completely different shows and they aren’t linking them together properly. New York has such an adult feel that Lima seems childish in comparison. Maybe focusing more on the choir room seniors would help since they are about to transition out into the adult world and those sort of themes might help bridge the feel of the two locations better. Or maybe not. All I know is that something is off when basically every glee article now devolves into an argument over which portion of the show people want the focus to be on. It seems that either way they are going to alienate about half of their audience.

    • Celia says:

      I wish I could enjoy the new kids at McKinley, but I haven’t come to care about any of them. I wish it was different. I do love Rachel and Kurt in NY however and they’ve been enough to keep me watching Glee. I’m really excited for their stories this week and this looks like it well be a great performance.

  12. JAO says:

    Love NYADA & Ohio scenes! Kate is great & glad Rachel has an opportunity to stretch & grow.

  13. ugh says:

    personally, i think the show has been awesome this season. i think sometimes people focus so much on the characters, that they forget that glee does like five full-fledge musical numbers every week. that’s pretty impressive. i think it’s important for people to focus on the good and allow themselves to have fun with the show.

    • anne says:

      Yes, but I feel that the musical chemistry is gone. I just don’t feel it with New Directions anymore. I wish I did tbh, because I used to enjoy the group numbers so much.

  14. sib says:

    i’m really tired with some of the people, which are some of the ohio’s characters stan, bashing NY side when there were barely of them in past two episodes. i really try to be objective but 2 episodes without NY side is really bland, especially when they are focusing on the new kids instead of the senior, isn’t it suppose to be the senior casts’ time to shine? rating wise and the song sales have spoken that the reason most people still watch glee is because of the original casts

  15. Mimi says:

    The only reason I watch Glee is for Kurt and Rachel and NYC. Ohio is boorrring! Those new kids are wack except for Jake. Swan song better do Kurt and Rachel justice. I hope Rachel shows Cassandra how talented she is and kills it at the winter showcase. I pray Kurt gets into NYADA. Please Ryan Murphey get your writers together and do better with balancing the two storylines.

  16. Terrance says:

    Any scene without Finn Hudson is wonderful, bless New York scenes, don’t come back, thanks!

  17. dsdsdsd says:

    NY is boring

    • anne says:

      Well, it’s going to be boring for people who aren’t Rachel and Kurt fans. It’s why it was a mistake to not bring more of the grads with them to NY.

      • ano says:

        sadly the writers somewhat obsessed to feature a predictable love rectangle(the newbies) in every single episodes over the original casts that could make the show a whole lot more interesting if they care enough to make more continuity stories about them

  18. Gabrielle says:

    I’m finding all the NY story lines boring. And I also don’t care much for the new characters and I wish that the characters that we already know and love in Ohio actually got screen time. I also wish we saw more of Quinn, Santana, Puck, Mike and Mercedes. We get to see what Rachel, Kurt and Finn are doing after high school but not the others? And any episode with less Rachel, Kurt, Finn and even Blaine and their relationship drama is find with me! I enjoys those episodes so much more. RKF have become my least favorite characters and the show only focus on them. Not everybody loves them. I just feel like the writers had no clue how to split the season up and are just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping somethings sicks. I think the really screwed themselves by making it known who were seniors.

  19. dude says:

    It may not be a popular opinion but I love the NYADA scenes. Lea/Kate have awesome chemistry.

    • ano says:

      it’s not that NY storyline not popular but some people who don’t like it(mostly the ones with shipping fanatics) just really spamming all the NY side articles nowadays, many critics are also like it

  20. LilAngel says:

    As I just watch for the NYC part of the show (I fastforward most of McKinley parts), that sneak peak makes me really happy. Can’t wait to be Thursday

  21. Ana says:

    Wow. People have really strong opinions about the show. I actually like the NY storylines because they are more grown up and more age appropriate for me. But I do feel like the only solid storyline is Rachel’s rivalry with Cassandra which I’m loving. I think Kate Hudson is exquisite in this role. I suspect that people that do not care about her character or performance are younger folks that are unfamiliar with her work. I hope she stays as long as possible. The Brody guy is gorgeous and a great performer but he’s not a consistent actor. And Rachel’s wishy-washiness about her relationships is getting old. BTW, she looks more like a completely realized version of Lea Michele. What happened to Rachel? She didn’t transition, she just became a full blown New Yorker with the wardrobe to prove it. And that eye make up is way too heavy for daytime and school. The newbies are ok but they cannot carry this show which was built on the original characters. They need to earn their place and they haven’t. Yet, they are getting all the A storylines. Personally, I think that if we can get Quinn, Santana, Brittany and Finn to move to NY, I would love a spin off. I would never watch the newbies. And BTW, this move to Thursdays was a bone-headed idea. Glee and Grey’s Anatomy share the demo and both have lost viewers but Glee’s ratings have really dipped. Fox should have left in on Tuesdays. I don’t watch live anymore. I DVR the episodes.

  22. greysfan says:

    Can’t wait till this Thursdays episode they are doing an aussie classic in Don’t Dream its Over. Its awesome. This season has been quite strong although there have been some weak moments too but then again what show doesn’t have its bad moments. The Rachel-Cassandra faceoff looks great.

  23. Sara says:

    I wish they took half of the time from NYC away and spent it on the other graduates. I really want more insight in what Mike and Mercedes are doing, considering they are part of my favorites. I know loads of people would love to see more of what Santana and Quinn are up to at their universities and Puck could use a better storyline too. I’d probably have a little less problems with NYC if it was half Rachel, half Kurt. But it’s 80 percent about Rachel and 20 about Kurt. It’s frustrating!