Video: Bones Bosses Reveal Their Original Plan For Eric Stonestreet's Brennan-Crushing Cop

Eric Stonestreet BonesDon’t tell Mitchell, but Modern Family‘s Cam once had a crush on a girl — and we have the shocking video to prove it.

In the latest installment of Fox’s “Breakfast With Bones” web series, exec producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan reminisce about some of Bones‘ more memorable guest stars — a list that includes Family man Eric Stonestreet.

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As the pair recount, the Emmy winner played a cop who started to take a special interest in Emily Deschanel’s sleuth — a one-sided romance that had to be cut short due to his burgeoning career. 

Press PLAY below to re-experience Stonestreet’s two-episode arc and to get an answers to the questions, What would’ve come of “DC Cop” had the actor’s career not taken off? And how much dough would Bones have to pony up to get him to reprise his role? (Hint: It’s more than six figures.)