What to Watch Friday: Whisker War Hero Returns, an Undercover Boss Makes a Comeback and More

On TV this Friday: A returning Undercover Boss punks a whole new group of employees, Malibu Country gets itself into one mother of a mess, Whisker Wars is having a (hair) ball and CSI: NY is so deep into the gangs of New York, you might catch a glimpse of Leo DiCaprio. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

8 pm Nikita (The CW) | Nikita and Michael must figure out how to save the President of the United States from an assassin without alerting her of the danger; after Alex and Owen are caught in an explosion, they suspect an insider set it. (Devon Sawa Details “Lost Soul” Owen’s New Journey.)

8 pm Undercover Boss (CBS) | The chairman and CEO of Diamond Resorts International had so much fun going undercover last season, he’s doing it again! The resort properties boss dons a disguise and infiltrates the workforce at a chain he recently acquired to see how the new arrangement is playing out among his new employees.

8 pm Last Man Standing (ABC) | Eve demands that Vanessa be more environmentally responsible, starting by quitting her job at an oil company. (Lighten up, Eve – you guys got some good news this week!)

8:30 pm Malibu Country (ABC) | Reba’s fear that June is sharing more of her life with Kim than with her mom compels her to spy and try on teen fashions to get closer to her daughter. (As I’ve sadly learned, Reba, Forever 21 is a store name filled with lies.)

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9 pm CSI: NY (CBS) | When Det. Lovato’s cover is inadvertently blown, the CSIs investigate the street gang she infiltrated. Bill Smitrovich (Life Goes On) and David Fumero (One Life to Live) guest-star.

9 pm Phineas and Ferb (Disney Channel) | The boys set out to make the most of a citywide blackout — unless Captain Neville gets in their way!

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10 pm 20/20 (ABC) | Among the hard-hitting “True Confessions” covered in tonight’s episode: Do gyms treat skinny people better than fat people? And can crying get you out of a ticket?

10 pm Haunted Encounters: Face to Face (BIO) | Series premiere: The Paranormal Syndicate (a new group of ghost hunters who aren’t Ghost Hunters‘ TAPS or the Ghost Lab guys) investigates odd goings-on. Up first: Lizzie Borden’s Massachusetts farmhouse and L.A.’s Silent Movie Theatre.

10 pm The Ultimate Fighter Fridays (FX) | Joey Rivera and Jon Manley face-off in the quarterfinals.

10 pm Whisker Wars (IFC) | Close out Movember with World Beard Champion Jack Passion as he prepares for his return to the world of competitive facial hair. (Yep, there’s such a thing.)

Hit the comments with your must-see picks from tonight’s lineup!