Exclusive Sons of Anarchy Finale First Look: Jax and [Spoiler] Face Off; Otto's Torment Continues

Poor, eyeless Otto isn’t going to have an easy go of it in Sons of Anarchy‘s Season 5 finale — Donal Logue’s unhinged ex-U.S. Marshal is going to make sure of that.

The following exclusive first look at the gritty FX drama’s season ender (airing Tuesday at 10/9c) finds Kurt Sutter’s incarcerated alter ego being intensely interrogated by the vengeance-seeking Lee Toric… again. (Dude must still have friends in really high places to have this kind of access to a high-risk inmate.)

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Elsewhere in our SOA sneak peeks, Roosevelt has resurfaced — at Teller-Morrow — and is sharing what looks to be a rather loaded convo of his own with an increasingly vicious Jax. Could the Sheriff be questioning SAMCRO’s king about that ugly Wendy incident?

Examine the shots for yourself below, and then hit the comments with your predictions.