Scn 3 INT. BREW PUB-KITCHEN/RESTAURANT Eliot installs green flo-restrictor, contains about compost smell, spots Tabatha Scn 4 INT. BREW PUB-BAR-CORNER BOOTH Eliot hears Tabitha's story,Hardison nods approval, something about story hits Scn 99- Eliot- INT. BREW PUB-BAR Eliot & Hardison replace vitamin drink bottles with water, dye & dust. Scn 51-INT. BREW PUB-BAR Nate & Eliot pour beer, pass union cards. Caroline & Anna enter ,sway crowd. Scn 10-INT. BREW PUB-HQ Eliot wants to save a town, team questions him, Nate rises to challenge of taking. Scn 12,16-INT. BREW PUB-HQ Receive footage, Hardison runs Caroline's records, flash card for Sophie, she's Scn 55-INT. BREW PUB-HQ Tea, music, Nate stands poised in front of value-more hacked screens ready. Scn 63,69,73pt,78pt-INT. BREW PUB-HQ Nate enjoys mayhem live on screens, Cues Sophie Scn 83-INT. BREW PUB-HQ Nate pours 2 glasses of scotch, they are stumped, Nate watches feeds, he's got it. Scn 54-INT. BREW PUB-HQ Regrouping at HQ, they're gonna have to make bad luck, Nate admires Caroline. Scn 22pt,23,25,26pt,28pt-INT. BREW PUB-HQ Red Alerts, Sophie's alias has been flagged. Hard & Parker tell Nate, trigger a Scn 61- INT. BREW PUB-HQ Hardison hacks Anna's email & adds coupon with $99 TV