Hot (Like the Sun in a School Play) Video: Was SNL Wrong to Cut This Guy Fieri Sketch?

Food Network poster boy and recent headline magnet Guy Fieri — or a facsimile thereof — paid a visit to Saturday Night Lives Weekend Update this Saturday, yet ultimately didn’t make it past dress rehearsal.

As seen in this clip of Bobby Moynihan’s latest riff on the “full-throttle” foodie , Fieri is stoked to have his new Times Square eatery reviewed by the estimable New York Times. That is, until he actual reads (or lets his eyes “eat”) the scathing assessment.

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The WU segment was presumably cut for time, though that call should be questioned since it’s pretty spot-on, especially when a dejected, toned-down Guy declares himself to be a mere “half-throttle.” The bit also attempts to put the Times‘ take on Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar in proper context, with the faux Fieri saying his food is best experienced “through a cloud of weed smoke” and/or by tourists wearing foam Statue of Liberty visors.

Full disclosure: Ausiello and I once sampled Fieri’s signature “blue nuclear waste” drink as guest judges on Next Food Network Star, and it was quite good/alcohol-y.