Walking Dead Recap: Hanging on the Telephone

In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, a new couple hits the sack, one of the dearly departed stages a comeback, and yes, we find out the identity of Rick’s mystery caller. Shall we, ahem, pick up where we left off?

CALLING LONG-DISTANCE | Over the course of the hour, Rick receives one frustrating call after another from different members of, to borrow a term from Lost, the Others. Who are they? Where are they? Can Rick and Co. join them? Only after we learn that they know Rick (and vice-versa) is it revealed that the Others are the deceased. Finally, Lori gets on the line and makes a request of her widower. “Can you do that?” she asks. But, thanks to spectral static, we don’t get to hear what “that” is!

GAME ’ONNE | Although Michonne leaves behind what Merle calls a “bitergram” (a warning — “Go back!” — spelled out in zombie parts!), he and three henchman set out to kill her. Instead, she kills two of them, and when the third refuses to lie to the Governor that they succeeded in their murderous mission, Merle puts a bullet in his head, too. Later, Michonne — limping from a gunshot to the leg — spies Glenn and Maggie on a supply run… being taken hostage by her would-be assassin!

AFTERNOON DELIGHT | In Woodbury, Andrea tries her hand at guarding the wall but gets in trouble immediately for jumping over said wall to stab a walker in the eye. Later, she confesses to the Governor that she liked his staged fights, but “I didn’t like that I liked them.” In response, he asks if she wants to have sex yet. Okay, he doesn’t actually say that, but pretty much everything they say is foreplay, right? And, after some more innuendo — “How long has it been (long pause) since you had whisky this good?” — they finally do hit the sheets.

WELCOME BACK | While he, Oscar and Carl are clearing out another (the same? Who can tell anymore?) cellblock, Daryl regales Carl with the tale of his mother’s death (the wino burned to a crisp smoking in bed). It didn’t seem real, he says. “I shot my mom,” Carl replies. “It was real [for me].” Later, Daryl finds Carol’s knife sticking out of a walker, then — hurrah! — he finds Carol herself and tenderly carries her out of her dank hiding place.

TURNING POINTS | While in Woodbury Merle is lying to the Governor that Michonne is really, most sincerely dead and trying to distract him (“Look! I brought prisoners!”), Michonne herself is showing up among the walkers at the prison gate. She’s even brought a gift — the baby supplies that Glenn and Maggie had to leave behind. But how is she able to go unnoticed by the zombies? Is it because she’s covered in undead guts? Seems likely to be Rick’s first question next week…

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that it was Rick’s dead friends calling? Were you relieved that Carol was alive? How dumb is Andrea going to feel when she realizes her new lover is even crazier than her last one (Shane)? Hit the comments with your, um, comments.