Vampire Diaries Preview: Candice Accola Breaks Down Caroline's Complicated Love Square

Vampire Diaries Candice AccolaThese days there’s more than one complicated love triangle on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries (airing Thursdays at 8/7c).

With the introduction of Phoebe Tonkin’s werewolf Hayley, the Tyler/Caroline/Klaus situation has added a whole new side to its romantic entanglement. Here, Candice Accola dishes on whether Caroline trusts that her boyfriend is telling the truth about his past with Hayley, Klaus and Caroline’s “sexy” mind games, her friendship with Stefan and more.

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TVLINE | What’s going on with Caroline in this week’s episode?
She’s going to get to know a little more about where [Tyler and Hayley’s] friendship started and what it stems from. We’re also going to hear about why Hayley is in Mystic Falls, why the other hybrids are there and what their intentions are and the bigger picture.

TVLINE | Tyler said nothing happened between him and Hayley. At this point in their relationship, does Caroline trust him?
Caroline definitely trusts Tyler. It’s easier to look as an adult watching the show and be like, “What?! Come on!” But they’re very young. This is also a very young relationship. Maybe he did spend time with another woman, but it doesn’t mean exactly that he cheated on her. This is the first time that he has given her a reason not to [trust him], but he’s opening up about it and he’s talking about it.

TVLINE | Should we question whether Tyler’s telling the truth when he says nothing happened?
That’s the argument – if you sit around with your girlfriends and someone says, “Well, he’s been spending a lot of time with this other woman, and he told me nothing’s happening,” obviously a whole group of women are going to say, “Umm, I think you should rethink the situation.” [Laughs] And within this particular circumstance of their supernatural world, Caroline and Tyler constantly risk their lives for one another. We will see this week that Tyler opens up a lot more [about] the basis of their friendship, which gives Caroline more reason to trust him. … I remember reading [the script] and being like, “Oh, come on!” ‘Cause that’s what I would say to one of my girlfriends, and I root for all of these characters. But then it’s remembering, oh wait, these characters are so young. I think Caroline has every right and reason to trust Tyler.

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TVLINE | What’s her interaction like with Hayley in the coming episodes?
Caroline and Hayley definitely have issues between them, but it will be addressed.

TVLINE | Does Caroline have to help Tyler and Hayley perpetuate this lie, that something happened, to throw Klaus off the scent?
We will see the tension between Caroline and Tyler addressed. I don’t want to give a lot away.

Vampire Diaries Candice Accola Joseph MorganTVLINE | Do you see hints that Klaus and Caroline could be compatible?
There’s definitely a certain sense of that. But there’s also a lot of game-playing. A lot of what could be misconstrued as compatibility is that they’re both equally in tune [with] knowing how to push each other’s buttons in order to win a game that they’re playing against each other – or at least a game that Caroline is playing against Klaus. Klaus is dripping in manipulation with every word he says, but Caroline’s clued into this and knows how to play his game. That’s definitely a type of compatibility.

TVLINE | Klaus is pretty relentless when it comes to his feelings for her. Is he wearing her down, or is she just sick and tired of him?
They both just love the game. It’s a back and forth. It’s a push and a pull. That’s what makes it so sexy. It’s a lot of almost.

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TVLINE | Does Caroline have any feelings about Elena’s romantic life and who she should be with?
I’m sure Caroline will have plenty of feelings towards Elena’s romantic life [Laughs], and I have a feeling that she will not keep quiet about it.

TVLINE | It seems she might be on Stefan’s side since they have a nice, little friendship.
Caroline has been a Stefan ‘shipper from the start!

TVLINE | Are there any Stefan/Caroline scenes you can tease?
There are great Stefan/Caroline scenes coming up. … I don’t necessarily see Caroline bringing out a fun and frivolous side to him at this point just because right now there’s so many weighted things going on within both of their lives. They’re going to find a comfort within each other and a comfort within their friendship because they both are in the difficult situation of wanting to support the ones that they love even if they don’t agree with what they’re choosing to do.

TVLINE | What’s Caroline’s mindset about the future and life post-graduation?
We’ll definitely hear Caroline talk a bit about her future. She’s definitely thinking about it!