Thanksgiving Feast: What Are You Grateful for This TV Season? Let Us Know!

As Thanksgiving nears, we at TVLine are feeling grateful for all the wonderful bounty this TV season has brought us. Whether it’s new loves, old favorites, unforgettable performances or something in between, the small screen has brought us much for which we are thankful.

Here’s where you come in: Shoot an email to TVLine (via feedback@tvline.com or the Contact Us page) to share what you are thankful for this TV season and why — and feel free to be funny, thoughtful or both!

If a certain show made your year, tell us why you love it so. For example, “I’m thankful for Homeland. It’s made Sunday the highlight of my week. And Saul’s beard is the best character on TV!”

We’re turning off the comments section for this post, so again — email feedback@tvline.com or use the Contact Us page and include “THANKSGIVING” in the subject line. Once we’ve gathered your TV shout-outs, we’ll share them in a holiday-themed photo gallery — complete with your quotes, so make them good!
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