Dexter Recaplet: Has Deb Finally Accepted the Dark Passenger? Will Dex Kill for His Sister?

Dexter Season 7 SpoilersThe following recap contains spoilers from this Sunday’s Dexter.

This week’s Dexter found our titular anti-hero between a rock (his prying sister) and a hard place (his murderous new bed buddy) — and what resulted was nothing short of game-changing.

Unable to fight their intense chemistry, Dexter and Hannah ambivalently jumped into a relationship of sorts — though not before eliminating one major obstacle: true-crime author Sal Price.

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See, Sal — as we saw last week — was onto Hannah and her killer ways, and had decided to use said subject for his latest book venture. However, his next few moves proved fatal. Approaching Hannah in a threatening way, Sal revealed that he knew she and Dexter had a little thing and, should she go on-the-record with him about her youthful killing spree, he would let that explosive tidbit — for lack of a word — die. Murderous thoughts setting in, she agreed, but, after telling Dexter what the writer had proposed, she was dissuaded:

Dexter: “Price doesn’t have to die. I can get him to back off for good.”
Hannah: “I’m used to doing things on my own. I don’t need somebody to protect me.”
Dexter: “I know you don’t. But I have this covered.”

Elsewhere, Deb and Sal continued to grow close, bonding over drinks and their increased suspicion of Hannah McKay — but more on that later.

Staying true to his word, Dexter set in motion his plan to stop Sal, by blackmailing the author into silence by threatening to frame him for an unsolved case he’d covered years ago. Sal, meanwhile, conducted his surprisingly candid interview with Hannah, who confessed to the crime he’d long suspected her of. It seemed sincere enough — that is, until the scribe arrived at Dex’s house for a little chat.

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The Dark Passenger shared his aforementioned scheme with Sal, who was none too happy with it. But that didn’t end up mattering much, as he quickly keeled over, thwacked his head on the corner of a table and died on Dex’s living room floor. (Hannah strikes again!)

Deb immediately suspected the venomous Hannah and called her in for questioning — a feat which was ultimately unsuccessful. Though Hannah had effectively offed Sal with an untraceable dose of her signature poison, she was able to keep calm during the lieutenant’s intense interrogation. Dexter, though, wasn’t as easy to handle. Angry that Hannah had gone behind his back to arrange a meeting between Price and the Grim Reaper, he confronted her. Yet the mood quickly shifted from scary to sexy when the pair came to terms with what had actually transpired. “Do you realize what happened?” Hannah mused. “We were looking out for each other. That’s big for people like us, maybe even historic.”

Romp in the sack concluded, Dexter’s voiceover pondered: “Is this what love feels like? Is this how it begins? Am I even capable of this?” And then it happened, a moment seven episodes (or, some might argue, seven seasons) in the making. Deb, in a second of grief or frustration or any number of gnawing emotions, came to terms with Dexter’s Dark Passenger.

“Hannah McKay killed Sal Price,” she said stoically over the phone to her brother, as he lay next to a sleeping Hannah. “She’s gonna walk. She’s gonna get away with it. And we both know she’s gonna kill again. He didn’t deserve to die. I can’t let this happen. There has to be some f–king justice. It’s you, Dex… You know what I’m saying? She deserves it. I want you to make it right. Do what you do.”

Will Dexter do Deb’s bidding? Will he follow his heart? Is there perhaps a way for him to do both? Or, better yet, neither? Hit the comments with your thoughts on what Dex should do next!